Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Onward North

                  We left Yuma after several parties. First there was Gary's 65th Birthday Party.
Then there was a St. Patrick's Day Party and a block party.

We moved to Quartzsite for the night and had this lovely site.
Our entertainment was this little fellow.
We then went out to visit our friends from Alliance Barb and Jim.
Glad we did too as they are going to Florida next winter so we won't be seeing them.
In the evening we went to the Yacht Club as Donnie was doing a concert. Only a few people where there. Millie was one of them. Great seeing her.

We continued on to Cottonwood and spent one night out on "The Hill" National Forest land with our friends Don and Glenda Wick. In the morning we could see the balloons overhead. 
We moved into the Thousand Trails on Monday March 21st. They gave us a site that had the electricity bagged so we aren't suppose to use it. That was fine with us as we wanted to test out all the new solar and batteries.

We went up to the "hill" as it's called every day for happy hour with the Boomer's and to play cards with Glenda and Don. One night their neighbor brought her monkey and it got real attached to Bob.

Our friend Brad McKay was there also and joined us for Happy Hours.

We went to Flagstaff one day to get another solar panel. Everything is working well.

Then there was Easter Dinner Pot Luck with 16 Boomer's.

While here we did our Doctoring with Nancy Pierce FCNP and Donna went to the Pain Clinic for some shots in her spine.

We had lunch one day with Sherry Sheets and Jerry over in Sedona. Elk's Lodge and Moose Lodge for other meals with friends.

Connie and John Parker came to the hill and 7 of us Boomer's went to tour "Out of Africa"

Bob got to pet an boa constricture.
And Donna got to meet the owner.

While here Bob had his hearing aids adjusted and they screwed it up so bad we had to make a loooong day trip to Algodones, MX. It was a 13 1/2 hour drive but we got to get more meds, liquor and a visit with our friends at Kofa on the way home.

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