Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Crossing the Border to Hell

We crossed the border on May 17 at the small town of Osoyoos, BC. It was a day from HE double L.
Because Bob has a concealed carry permit they pulled us over for a search.
We had stashed some extra booze but because we were so throughly searched they confiscated it all.
We were told that they could have confiscated the motorhome also so I guess a 4 1/2 wait at the border wasn't all that bad. 
Bob had to take the car back to the US side and mail an antique knife back to Livingston.
We had made arrangements to meet a friend, Linda Williamson at Hope so we drove and drove.
She was waiting for us in her motorhome. Had been there since noon and we got there at 6.

We had a wonderful visit both that evening and again in the morning for breakfast.
We then took off for Williams Lake.

Along the way we stopped at Hell's Gate. It is a very narrow area of the Fraser River.
Bob liked this carving.
Then we got on the tram that took us to the bottom of the gorge.

Looking down river

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