Friday, May 27, 2016

Heading further north on the Cassier Highway

After waking up to this beautiful view at Lake Mezadine we continued north on the Cassier.

We stopped briefly at Jade, BC. A gift shop filled with jade is the town.

We stopped for fuel at Dease Lake and continued north about 20 miles to a turnout for an overnight.

The next day we reached the Alcan Highway and headed over to Watson Lake and the sign post forest. Bob spotted Donna's sign she put there in 2005. It's missing the fish driftwood and it's now higher than it was but her sign is still there.

Since we spend our winters in Yuma Bob got to pose by this sign.

More signs.

We stopped for lunch at Wolf It Down and invited Rod & Tammi to join us. They loved hearing about our lifestyle and told us not to miss going to the town of Atlin.
We continued on and overnighted in a rest area just past the continental divide.

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