Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Heritage Park Day

The second day the Motorhome was in the shop we decided to go see something beside the customer lounge. We went to Heritage Park. There were bus loads of kids there so it was a bit noisy.


                                                               The Prince House 1894.

 Downtown was the Wainwright Hotel & Bar.
 The Drugstore had a pretty ceiling.
 Snooker is the pool hall. Men only.
 The children in the school house were singing the Canadian Anthem.
 The organist was practicing in the Catholic Church.
The minister would ride out and covered 150 miles to preach.
 Bob loved this eagle.
 And since he had been a fireman he had to stand by the firehouse.
 Donna checking out the Sod house.
 The Settlement was for the Indians and the early settlers, fur traders.
 We road on the train a lot to get around.

The first oil well in Alberta.

 We took a boat ride around the lake.


 Bob spotted an automobile museum.


While he did that Donna had ice-cream and sat with Jillian and her Aunt Alison.

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