Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mesa Verde National Park

Donna stayed home and let me go to Mesa Verde NP by myself while she did the last three Blogs.
I spent all day viewing the Cliff Dwellings and did not see all of them.
 It would take several days to see them all.
 Mesa Verde National Park is the ancestral Pueblo people from the 11th century to the Late 1280s the park has over 4,500 archaeological sites and only 600 are cliff dwellings. 
They lived on top of the mesa.
 There is several items to see at the Museum and a movie about the Park and the people.
Mesa Verde is one of the best preserved cliff sites.

      Square Tower house.                              

 Got to see the local wild life.

                       I took an hour tour of Cliff Palace. This is the only way you can see them up close.
The guide did a very good presentation and explained how the people lived here and died here.

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