Monday, January 02, 2017

Years End 2016

We went out to visit friends parked off of Ogilby Road.
It was a day without heavy winds so Bob took his drone out.
Jim Cooper our KOFA pastor flew it.

The next day a WIN friend came for a visit. Richard Sturtz.

On the 17th the park had their Christmas Parade. The Golf Carts were decorated.
Since we don't own one Bob decided to decorate himself and ride his hoverboard.

Another WIN friend, Bob Magda came for a visit.

We had a Christmas Dinner. A feast, turkey or ham, mashed potatoes and dressing covered with gravy which Bob served . 
Donna's table was the last to be served and she headed for the desserts.

We went out to the VFW the day after to see our WIN friends and we went onto the BLM to see more of them. 
When we left Bob backed the Jeep into Mel's car.

Each Wednesday we went with the Boomer's to a movie and dinner afterwards.
We also did some Geocaching.  Played Pegs and Jokers with friends in our MH.

New Year's Eve found us at the clubhouse drinking and snacking.

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