Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 21
Moved to Sedona AZ. Red Rock Country. At Sedona we found a free place to park at the Elk’s Lodge with a fantastic view of the coffeepot rock and beautiful red rock views. While at Sedona we went hiking to Vultee Arch. It was a 3 hour hike if you count all the stops we did as I am not the best of hikers. It was a peaceful hike thru a Ponderosa forest with red rocks and fantastic cliffs on both sides of us. In the afternoon we drove to Red Rock State Park and again more great views. We went to the airport overlook for sunset. It was very crowded there. Reminded me of the sunsets at Mallory Square at Key West but no applause.

Thursday we moved toward Cottonwood 7 miles from Sedona to national forest land where a fellow WIN was parked. Billy Woodfin. We met a new gal, Barbara, who had just started rving in January and she is doing it in a teardrop trailer about 7 foot long. She is quite a character and wants to learn so much about full timing.

Good Friday. Billy, Barbara, Bob and I west to Palatki Cliff Dwellings nearby and saw them plus some rock art. In the afternoon Bob and I went to the old mining town of Jerome. It sits on a very steep hill and is just full of switchbacks. We went to the museum and to the Asylum a restaurant in the old former hospital. We then drove over the mountain toward Prescott. Again very steep and switchback. We went up from 3700’ to 7000’ in probably less than 6 miles. No wonder Bob didn’t want to come that way with the trailer. When we got back home we had left the bathroom window cracked and there had been a dust storm. Dust was everywhere. I vacuumed the floors, wiped down the walls and scrubbed the fixtures. Bob was wiping the counters and the bedspread. Thanks goodness we had closed the other windows and vents or we would have had to go get the motor home and sell the trailer.

Easter Sunday. What a glorious day God gave us. We decided to go on a hike and left about 7 am. We got down the road about 6 miles and went to make a right hand turn but was blocked by 2 hot air balloons that had sat down in the middle of the dirt road. While waiting for them to pack up the crew chief came over and invited us to share in the champagne toast all balloonists do after their first flight. Bob helped with the rolling up of the balloon and we were treated to Mimosa’s. Mango punch and champagne. HMMM. We went on a 2 ½ hour hike & then after lunch we took a drive up Oak Canyon toward Flagstaff for about 15 miles. We both had done it before but it is always an awesome drive. He drove up and I drove back so we could both rubber neck. Bob says it was the first time out of 5 times he actually SAW the scenery.

Monday we drove to Tusigoot Nat. Monument and toured ruins of ancient Indians that have been restored. On the way back Bob took off on a dirt road and we programmed the GPS to go home. It took 1 ½ hours to go 18 miles over the mountain between Clarksdale and home. Along the way we saw a golden eagle, an unidentified snake coiled in the road (we didn’t get close) and 3 antelope.

Tuesday, Billy, Bob and I hiked the West Fork of Oak Creek north of Sedona. It was very beautiful. Billy kept saying the best part was just around the corner and we ended up on a 7 mile roundtrip hike. Yes, it was beautiful but boy was I exhausted. The last 500 yards seemed a mile long.

Wednesday, we moved to Prescott Valley where 3 Win ladies were and the 5 of us went to Outback for dinner. Judy will be traveling with us.

Thursday, we moved onto historic Rte 66. We wanted to stay at Peach Springs but it was on the Hualwapi Reservation and after talking with two natives there seemed to be no desirable place to park overnight. We went 7 miles down the road to Truxton and found a wide spot off the road across from an abandoned motel where we spent the night.

Friday, we drove back to Peach Springs and parked the rigs in the Lodge’s back parking lot. We disconnected Bob’s truck from the 5th wheel and got a permit to enter the reservation and drove 20 miles to the Colorado River. It is the only place you can drive to the river and not just a view of the river. It was fantastic and very emotional for all of us. The beauty is awesome. Back at Peach Springs we hitched up and moved to the VFW in Kingman. Had dinner at a great Mx restaurant that had the best margarita’s. Took at least 3 hours to sober up from just one.

Saturday we moved to Lake Mead near Boulder City, NV. We drove across the Hoover Dam. Got inspected 5 miles away before by homeland security. The dam was very crowded. I had never seen it so packed and there has been a lot of new tourist structures added since I last saw it. We found a beautiful site overlooking Lake Mead at Boulder Beach, part of the National Recreation Area..


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Danny said...

Hi Donna, Gloria sent me a link and told me about your new life and new hubby. Hope that God continues to Bless you and Bob. It must be very exciting for you to get a new lease on life! Have fun and enjoy! Nice website and pictures. Danny in Carrabelle (Gloria;s hubby)