Thursday, August 24, 2006

August 16 06 Cody, WY & South

We left Dottie’s in Big Timber and headed toward Cody. We hit major construction that really dirtied the front of the trailer. After that we were stopped for only about 10 minutes as a huge 100 year old house was being moved down the road 4 miles. Buffalo State Park west of Cody about 8 miles on the way to Yellowstone was where we stopped. We have a waterfront, pull thru site on the reservoir with wonderful views of the mountains and cliffs. After setting up we went into Cody for dinner then walked around town, stopped at the Elk’s lodge then drove around the town to orient Bob.

Bob got the internet dish up and running in the morning and we got caught up on our blog and emails etc then went into town. The Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) have a beautiful mural in a dome showing the history of the migration west of the saints. Very beautiful and interesting. Downtown we had dinner, watched a little of the gunfight, had social hour at the Elks and then went to a music show. Good singers doing cowboy songs and poetry. Only 13 in the audience and they got personal with us. Found out where people where from and we were the “fulltimers”.  We all sang “Cool, Cool Waters.” When it was our turn we sang “Cool, Cool, Beer”. Brought down the house.

Today we drove the beautiful Chief Joseph Highway and Beartooth highways. Charles Kuralt called it America’s most scenic highway. We took the highway into the northeast entrance of Yellowstone so I could say I have entered in all 5 entrances. Got to see buffalo, moose, deer and antelope on our trip. We stopped at Red Lodge at the Elk’s lodge for a short rib dinner. Back in Cody we stopped at the Elk’s for a cocktail before heading home.

We went into town for breakfast at Granny’s, back home I took a nap as I had caught Bob’s cold. Then we drove to Yellowstone. Bob too wanted to say he had been to all of the entrances. Since we were so close we went to Fishing Bridge to get an ice cream.

The drive to this entrance we feel is the prettiest. Yes, the southern entrance is too because of the Teton’s but that is just 3 mountains. The sandstone cliffs along this route have been weathered and there are all sorts of chimneys, windows and arches. Lots of beautiful nat. forest campgrounds along the way. Of course, we love the state park we are in as it is close to Cody and has a beautiful reservoir.

Back at the trailer we put on warmer clothes and went into the “rodeo”. We had a great time. Sat in the buzzard’s roost section, front row, right behind the place where the cowboys get ready and the animals are brought in for the events. We then went back to Granny’s at 10pm for our second meal of the day.

Sunday we went to the Elk’s Lodge picnic and then toured Wild Bill Cody’s Museum. Really 5 museums in one. Nature, Wild Bill Cody, Firearms, Art and Plains Indian. We spent several hours there and returned to finish it on Monday.

Tuesday we left Cody and headed south. We asked ourselves WHY when it hit 106 degrees at Riverton. Sitting in a casino parking lot. Bob unhitched the truck and got the tires rotated. We hit the 50,000 mile mark on Bob’s new truck today. Overnight the temp got to 48. That’s more like it. Wednesday morning we drove south to Saratoga. We stopped briefly at “6th Crossing”. A spot on the Morman Trail where it told of the hardships of the emigrants crossing the US using handcarts. We will stay at Saratoga for 3 days on a lake, rest up and use the hot springs in town.  This is our last stop in WY. Next is Colorado, here we come.

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