Friday, September 08, 2006

August 26 06 On to Colorado

We spent 3 days at Saratoga Lake and while there we did take a couple of pretty drives. Mostly just rested trying to recover from our colds. We were just about 50 miles from Colorado so didn’t have far to go on Saturday when we stopped at a national forest cg at Gould southeast of Walden on rt 14 toward Ft. Collins. We have had overcast skies and t-storms threatened but didn’t develop. Our second day we took one of our long drives. Found gas at $3.359 instead of the $3.599 so filled up on our 270 miles loop on scenic highways. We stopped at Yampa to try to find a lake where Bob fished in 1972. We found it. Much changed. Then we headed to Steamboat Springs for a couple of hour soak in hot springs in a t-storm and rain. Different. After a bite to eat we headed home over a mountain pass at dusk. We saw 3 deer near the road.

Monday we left heading to Ft. Collins. 40 miles down the road we came across a beautiful national forest campground along the Cashe la Poudre River. Our site is on a small rapid with beautiful pink colored cliffs. The drive here was awesome and towing we only did about 35 mph so we could enjoy the scenery. We decided to rest today and enjoy this beautiful place. Bob split firewood and we had a campfire most of the afternoon as it is a little cool here. Last night we were at 9050 ft elevation and the temp was 33 overnight low. Tonight we are in the 6000 range so hope it will be a tad warmer.

It was warmer. Today we toured the Rocky Mountain National Park. Took all of the various roads that are inside the park. We saw a herd of about 50 Elk at one point. Also spotted a coyote hunting pica. The prettiest part of the trip is just down the road from our campground. It is called the “Narrows” on Route 14. Extremely narrow gorge which the river runs thru.

We left the wilds and headed for the city. Ended up at the Moose Lodge in Longmont ,CO. On Thursday we drove up to Fort Collins and toured the New Belgium Brewery which makes Bob’s favorite beer.

Fat Tire. He sampled a few of the others. After lunch we headed back home and Curt and Dottie had arrived. Curt and I went to Alaska last summer in the caravan and Dottie is the gal we met at Lewiston ID a month ago and visited at Big Timber. They are traveling together now, like Bob and I. We will be together over the holiday and will have a good time together.

The four of us headed to Boulder. Bob and I needed to pickup our mail (wasn’t in). We then headed up to Estes Park and after lunch there we went into the Rocky Mtn. NP for a short drive. Glad we saw it the other day as it was very hazy and cloudy. Back at the lodge we went in for an evening of Karaoke, dancing and shuffleboard. Had a great time.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Longmont. Resting, getting mail, making phone calls, doing laundry etc. Getting siked to do the big drive on Interstate 25 thru downtown Denver. Choosing to do it early on Labor Day when hopefully everyone is out of town.

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