Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July 24 06 Priest Lake ID

Moved early in the morning before it got too hot. Arrived at noon to 90+ and set up. We sat out under the trees for a little bit then moved the bag chairs down to the lake and into the water and sat in the water. We watched the boats, birds and a helicopter lifting logs out of the forest. In the evening we went to a neighbors, Leanna and Jim, we had met and visited.

Tuesday we kayaked with the neighbors to Upper Priest Lake. We went thru a 2 mile “thoroughfare” which is really a skinny lake connecting the two lakes. Boats can only do 5 miles an hr so it is very pleasant. We saw lots of ducks, a blue heron and a moose. On arriving at the lake we stopped for a snack then spotted a mama moose and her baby, so headed over to observe them. Mama was up to her back in the water eating and baby was on shore. The couple we came with left and we went to a nearby boat in campground and met kayaker's we had seen at the beach yesterday,David, Laura, Jeff and Christy. We had planned to take our camping gear along and spend the night with them but chickened out when we heard about the bears but wish now we had. We have decided to come back next year and do it then, perhaps even with them. Back at the big lake we portaged across a sand bar then back to our campground. The wind had picked up and made for a little rock and roll kayaking. The weather has turned a little cooler and it was a wonderful trip. Leanna and Jim invited us to dinner and it was delicious. Met Jim a single who we are recruiting for the WINs.

We hung around camp in the morning did some chores but mostly resting. In the afternoon Bob did a 6 mile bike ride back to the campground on the upper lake we stopped at yesterday while I took the chair and headed into the water at the beach. When Bob got back he came to the beach too and we met some WINs, Maryanna Smellow and John Funke. We invited them to join us for dinner along with single Jim & Jim and Leeanna.

We had planned to leave today but reupped for one more day and us 4 WINs hiked the bike trail that Bob road yesterday.  Then it was to the beach for cool waters and a breeze. Dinner was again with the group. John and Maryanna fixed buffalo spaghetti. Single Jim left without saying goodbye to anyone but then we all were hiking, so it was just the 6 of us. And…..they convinced us to stay another day. Hard to leave this place with lots to do and good new friends.

Bob and John road bikes on the trail to the upper lake while I stayed home and did a little housework. Very little. Late afternoon, John, Maryanna, Bob and I kayaked to the upper lake. We got home just as it was turning dark. Very glad we didn’t leave at the planned time of an hour later or we might have spent the night lost in the dark. We saw 2 deer, a river otter and an osprey.

Saturday we left Priest Lake and moved to the Elks Lodge at Sandpoint. Kelly Hern, a WIN, is staying here for the summer and she met us here for lunch and an afternoon visit. Then it was hit Walmart for major grocery shopping. We were out of everything, especially the margarita mix.

Sunday, to town for major laundry. 4 double machines. Bob, tried all day to get the internet hooked up but due to heavy cloud cover unsuccessful until late afternoon. We again went out to lunch/dinner with Kelly. Nice seeing her again.

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