Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July 20 06 Coeur D’Alene, ID

Left early & headed up the Kendrick Hill. It isn’t in the Mountain Directory but it is a 7% for 4 miles. Bob’s truck just purred up it. It was a beautiful drive on Rt 3 toward Coeur D’Alene. Tried to get into a forest cg but as usual a little bitty tent in a 50 foot site. Decided to try the Elk’s lodge in town. Wow, 50 amp electricity and we are running the A/C for the first time this season. It is 90 out but no shade anywhere. We picked a site but going around the circle to get to it we discovered Brenda a WIN friend. Got some big HUGS. We all went into the lodge for an all you can eat pizza party with salad.

We got up early on Friday and drove to the MT/ID border on I90 to do Hiawatha (rails to trails) bike trail that Bob’s friend John had recommended. It was 16 miles down from the top thru tunnels and across trestle bridges. At the bottom we hopped on a shuttle that took us back to the west side of the longest tunnel 8777 ft long. It was our first tunnel at the start of the ride but now we had to return to the parking lot by going thru it a second time. A slight grade made it more difficult since we already were tired from the 16 miles. I  had to get off several times and walk. BUTT sore. But I did it. We then headed back to the Elk’s via a back road. Another of Bob’s friends said to be sure to go to Murray. An old gold mining town and eat at the Splag Pole restaurant and museum. We shared a huge dinner of baby back ribs, chicken breast and prawns along with a salad bar and baked potato. Then we toured the museum for about 45 minutes. A collection of everything imaginable. BTW a Splag Pole is a pole used to brake or slow a wagon or any moving type vehicle.

Now, it is really getting HOT 102-3 but low humidity. As Bob says turn on the oven and stick your head in it for dry heat. Hot is Hot! We are running the air thanks to the good power at the Elk’s. We did a drive around Hayden Lake then went into Coeur D’Alene and sat under the trees at the lakeshore beach and people watched. Lots of boats and a seaplane. In the evening the Elk’s had a Luau with dinner and a dance. The band was great so we danced a lot.

Sunday we drove to Spokane to visit Fred, a relative of Bob’s. His daughter, granddaughter and 2 grandson’s came over. The whole family lives on one street. We then took a long drive north back into ID to Priest Lake. We have met several people who have said do not miss it. We are going to move there, then kayak thru a channel to the upper lake. We checked out several campsites but liked this one the best. The water in the lake feels great on these 100 degree days. We got a new neighbor this morning. John Thomas who is a single I met on my very first singles gathering in January 04. Have bumped into him several times thru the years with the SI’s.

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Little Bubba said...

What a great trip! The scenery looks amazing, and it sounds as if the fun was plentiful. That Donna is also one hot momma!!!!