Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thanksgiving Week

We left the casino early Saturday morning and headed down the west side of the Salton Sea. When we got to Salton City we headed west about 20 miles to an area the WINS come for our big Thanksgiving gathering. It is out in the desert and is part of the Anzo-Borrigo State Park. There are no facilities so it is free.  It is great to see friends again.

Sunday we repaired a window shade in the cool of the morning then headed to town to do laundry and pick up a couple of items at the hardware store. When we got back we were surprised how many new rigs had arrived. The gathering doesn’t even start  until tomorrow. At
4 pm we had an informal circle, there must have been  40 of us here already.

Our group took a drive to Julian to browse the shops and have lunch. Julian is famous for apple pie. We watched them make the Thanksgiving pies in a store front window. They were about 5 inches high. At the restaurant we all had apple pie ala mode. Hmmmm. We took the scenic drive home, across a mountain and had a spectacular view of the valley we are camped in. When you look at the picture, far off in the distance there is a bunch of white, near where a hill comes down. That’s us. There are about 70 of us now.

11 18 06 Borrego Springs Thanksgiving

Each day brings in more people. We went to town to get 10 folding tables and on the way back Bob had another tire valve problem. Luckily he has the sensors, however it is the weight of the sensors that causes the valve to leak. Catch 22. He has to get steel valve stems as soon as we get to a larger city. Back at the campout we attended  “Randy’s Coffee Can Discussion”. Questions are put into a coffee can and Randy reads them. Then we discuss everything from mechanical to spiritual to men’s and women’s attitudes toward each other. Get’s laughs, help and everything in between.

Thanksgiving Day….We woke to the most beautiful sunrise either of us have ever seen. We think you will agree. 87 of us joined for a great feast. 10 complete dinners were purchased and were warmed up in ovens. All of us brought extra salads and desserts too.
Of course, to end a perfect day there had to be a sunset to almost rival the sunrise. A nice campfire followed.

There was enough that on Friday we had leftovers and Saturday we have turkey soup. Friday we toured Anzo-Borrigo state park visitors center museum and saw a slide show. In the evening we went to the American Legion to dance. Bob signed 21 people in as his guests. And it was a good thing he got his membership card in the mail that morning.

During the  night on Friday very strong winds came up. Our awning was out and the rig rocked and roll. In the morning, I got up and took a garbage bag outside and started to pickup all the stuff that blew around. It blew all day. We had our turkey soup for lunch and an ice cream social after our 4 o’clock circle. No campfire at night.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Many people left but we still had 40 or so. 5 cars loads went 4 wheeling out into the desert and to the badlands. We were gone 6 hours, hiked a little, had a bit to eat, visited and saw some pretty colors in the sand. One place we stopped for a stretch was a dry wash and it had street signs telling what trail and/or wash it was. One was even called an expressway. Back at the campground we had another ice cream social before going out to dinner with Sharie and then to the American Legion.

In the morning there were storm clouds peaking over the mountains to our west. Just as the sun rose everything in that direction turned pink and then orange. Bob grabbed his camera and took a fantastic picture. Monday is moving day and we are heading west across those mountains.

Before we left we went to the morning coffee at the Escapees Boondocker’s group who were parked a couple miles away. We had met a few of them at dinner last night. We told them about our rafting trip and also joined their group to get their newsletter and camp with them in the future. Back at the rig we hitched up, said our goodbyes and headed to the Escapee Park at Aguanga, Ca. Along the way we had a beautiful rainbow for miles and miles. We got set up in the boon docking area of  the park for $2.50 a night. Explored the park then went to visit Austin and Marguarite, Win friends. There was a root beer float social and meeting at 4pm. We were introduced to the group. I told how Quartzsite is where you can get anything you want for rving and that is where I found Bob. It got a huge laugh.

Bob gave up on trying to put our internet dish up in the wind. So we grabbed the laptop and went and parked on the street of “Old Temecula”. We dropped my car off for repairs. Needed freon for the A/C and new belt and pulley so I won’t squeal when I start the engine. We drove to Hemet to visit an old friend of his parents from Salem then took the back way  to Temecula thru the vineyards. We wondered which one had been Denni’s our balloon pilot.

We researched the San Bernadino area today for our Win’s June gathering. We had to locate a place for up to 60 rv’s to park. We found the Eagles Aarie most willing to accommodate us. We went to the visitor’s bureau and picked up literature for what we can do and see in the area. All the time we are driving in terrible Santa Ana gale force winds. Dust storm, tree refuse flying thru the air, a truck was toppled over on an overpass. And of course doing 65 to 70 miles an hour just to keep up with the traffic. Hope the weather is better when we are there in June.

It was a more or less stay at home kind of day. Bob went to breakfast at a casino with the men in the park and I repaired a window shade. Then we sorted coins to see if we had any worth
anything. A little but not the BIG ones. A fast trip into town to make an appt for Bob’s tire valve change over and a check on our email. (he was unable to get our’s up and running). Out to dinner at the casino with Austin and Marguarite with a tad of gambling thrown in.

Friday morning we took Bob’s truck in for the valve stems and I followed. We went to San Diego to see where the WIN group parked on the beach. Nice spot but we are both glad we didn’t go there in the rig. I think we saw every car registered in CA today. We saw the ship we will be cruising on next weekend. It was in port and it is HUGE. Went to the tide pools out on Point Loma. Toured Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. After lunch there we found the WIN’s and got our hugs. We then drove up 101 Pacific Coast Highway to Oceanside before heading inland and back home.

Saturday, our last day here at Jojoba Hills SKP park. We went for breakfast at the casino and Bob’s $3 cashed out at $18. He then lost $3 more. I made 45 cents. Back home I did the laundry and he washed the rig with the one bucket method. We then went to the club house for a ham dinner pot luck and tree trim. Visited a little with Austin and June both Wins.

We combined our Borrigo and Aguanga blogs into one as there weren't any pictures from our SKP park stay.

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