Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mexico Riveria Cruise

12 08 06 Our cruise
We left the rigs with friends at the Slabs and drove to Carlsbad, CA to Doreen Dawes another Wins friend. She was a gracious host who gave us a wonderful room for the night. We went to dinner at the Olive Gardens.

Saturday morning she took us to the club house where we had breakfast for $2 and a nice visit with some friends of hers. She went to her nieces for for a xmas breakfast get together. We left at noon and she dropped us off at the cruise terminal. 45 minutes later we were boarded and in our stateroom. After unpacking our carry on baggage we went for lunch and walked around getting familiar with the ship. Around 5 pm we left San Diego.
Our table mates for dinner each night are Bob and Nancy from Yuma, AZ, formally from Michigan. Despite the MI & OH rivalry we got along fine. After dinner we went to the Atrium for dancing to old-timers music. i.e. our era. We then went to the show room for a show and later to one of the lounges for piano music and more dancing. It was after midnight before we retired.

Sunday we slept later than usual, went to open breakfast and had a lovely visit with people from Phoenix. We went to the casino for table game lessons. We learned craps and 3 card poker. We learned that we won't be playing either of them. Too confusing. We played the slots for a while. I lost $3 and Bob won over $100. That will help to pay for the internet wifi which costs $.55 a minute. So if you emailed us or we mailed you, you know we cared. We rested on our balcony in the sun during the afternoon. We are on the western side of the ship as we head south. At 5pm the Captain had a formal cocktail party. We have early seating for dinner. Shrimp cocktail and lobster topped off with decadent desserts. We went to the casino on the way to and from the show and we both lost. Found a lounge where we danced. The two p.c. band played our type of music. We were the only ones there for the first half hour and he visited us during his break and learned about our lifestyle. So the first song after he restarted was "On the Road Again". We went to the Las Vegas style show and the late night adult comedy show. The clocks were changed back to Mountain time so we lost an hour and it was 2am before bedtime.

Monday we had coffee delivered to the room and relaxed watching the news before going out to breakfast. We went to the casino and both lost our allowance for the day. We went to the hot tub on the back deck and also had our lunch out on the deck. We relaxed on our balcony before heading out for a cocktail before dinner. A young man we met at the Atrium bar told us that if we bought our drink at the casino bar we got a $5 chip in return. We did that, I lost my chip playing blackjack but Bob won and took his $5 chip cashed it in and put the money into a slot machine and won $23. So it paid for our drinks and then some. After a delicious dinner with Bob and Nancy we went dancing where we went last night. The evening show this evening was a hypnotist. He took about a dozen people out of the audience and put them thru all sorts of stuff. The late night show is R rated and was hilarious. He had one guy believing he was gay and flirting with a man in the front row. Had the whole group believing they were hot and the men took off their shirts then they got poison ivy and were itching each other. He sang a song and had all of them believing they were attracted to him and were doing all sorts of things to try to attract him. One gal stuffed her bra with tissue and when it was all over she couldn't understand why she had all those tissues.

We arrived at Acapulco at noon and headed out for our first shore excursion. We did a 7 hour trip through the city to a Beach Club where we swam in the ocean and the pool. Had drinks and a buffet, watched the sunset then re-boarded the bus for a trip back across the beautiful lit up city to watch the cliff divers. After returning to the boat we danced, watch the Mexican folklore shore and returned to the dance floor. We were back to our stateroom in time to watch the ship leave Acapulco with all the pretty lights. What a romantic moment on our private balcony.

Wednesday we were at Zwhatinaou/Ixtapa and took a catamaran snorkeling trip. Got to see lots of fish, met another Win named Gail and partied on the boat back. Lots of tequila flowed. We crashed in our wonderful air conditioned stateroom before and after dinner. Thursday we docked at 7 am, had a quick breakfast and headed for our next shore excursion. We chose the ATV Jungle and Beach tour. I got to drive my first ATV and loved it. By the time we got back I was known on the ship as Biker Mama. We went thru a jungle to get to the beach and then rode up and down the shoreline. We stopped at a Mexican "home" (really just tarps thrown over a bed) where we tasted fresh coconuts. After they put hot sauce on them it didn't taste a bit like coconut. YUK. Back at the ship we walked to town and met Curt and Dotti.They are staying about an hour north of here and came down to see us. We spent about 3 hours together. Curt drove us around town and we got a bite to eat. Called it an early evening again. Are we just getting partied out?

Friday was our first day at sea on our return north. We got to see Cabo San Lucas on our way back as someone had to be removed from the ship for medical reasons. We were about a mile off shore. We are really getting tired. After dinner we danced a little, went to the show, then back to bed for a nap before getting up for the midnight comedy show. Room service for coffee in the mornings help get us going each day. We will be getting together back in Yuma with our table mates Bob and Nancy.

Saturday, our last full day and was the ship ever rocking and rolling. It was overcast and cold to boot. Bob and I went to the towel folding class after breakfast. Our cabin steward made different animals every evening. The cutest was the monkey. We were forward in the ship and Bob started feeling ill. He stayed in the cabin all day because the seasickness medicine made him drowsy. I went and played $4 into $20 then gave them back $10. After another lovely dinner we went dancing. Not easy when the ship's floor comes up or goes down. Quite a few extra steps were taken.

Sunday morning we arrived at the dock and was greeted by rain. By the time we got off the ship it had cleared out but it was cold. Doreen picked us up about 9:30 and we were back home by 3:00 with a whole bunch of dirty laundry and a recipe to make the best dessert for 1000 people. Had a great time despite the aches and pains both in the hips and the belly.

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