Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christmas 2006 Yuma, Az

12 19 06 Holiday in Yuma

We arrived at Yuma on Tuesday. The WINs have started to gather for the holidays. We have probably around 80 or so. On Wednesday we drove 250 miles north to pick up Bob’s new kayak. A long day. We stopped in Parker both going and coming for a bite to eat. Thursday we put up the Christmas tree. Reorganized a little now that both rigs are here. Put For Sale signs up on both. At our first circle we signed up around 26 to take dance lessons next week. Bob and I are hosting that part of the gathering. My hips have been bothering me since I have put on 30# so believe it or not I joined Weight Watchers on Tuesday. Doesn’t everyone start a diet just before Christmas? Wish me luck, but I think the pain is all the incentive I need. Just think I won’t have to buy a new FAT wardrobe.

Friday our group went to Algodones, Mx. I got new glasses and medication and we both got a bottle of our favorite tequila. Sunday we went to the flea market. We have been out dancing each night at the Moose Lodge or Mickey B’s.

Monday was Christmas Day and our group, all 80 of us, went to the VFW next door and partook of the potluck. Our group brought side dishes plus 6 complete Turkey Dinner boxes that feed 6-8 people each box. A merry time was had. We then went to circle for our gift exchange.

It is the kind where #1 (who happened to be me) picks a gift and then it can be stolen. It was, I picked again and it too was stolen, then I picked again and got an electric desk lamp. Something dry campers do not need. I was stuck with it until everyone else had picked. I was the last to steal again so got a bottle of wine. Bob lucked out with a bottle of gin and bartender salt so along with what we got in MX we are restocked. Both tonight and last night Bob went to the campfire. There were xmas carols the first night. I have a bad cold so opted to stay home.

One morning we were to show up in our jammies. Most of us forgot but a few brave souls came and put on quite a show. Always good to start our day with a laugh.

Tuesday was to be our first day of dance instruction but our teacher’s rig had mechnical problems and she didn’t make it on time. Bob went kayaking and I ran a few errands and mostly rested.

She arrived at 9pm much to our relief. Wednesday was our first day of dance lessons and 36 of us learned the two step. In the evening we all practiced at an rv park’s dance.

The dance lessons continued all week. We learned the waltz and the polka also. Many nights we went dancing to practice our new skills. Saturday evening we went to dinner at Bob and Nancy’s, our tablemates from the cruise.

New Year’s eve turned out to be an incredible surprise day. The dance lessons ended and we headed for the flea market, stopping to look at a Safari motor home to see what they are like. We ended up buying “OUR” motor home.
A 2006 Discovery 35’ with triple slides. It has never been titled so is really new. We shared our wonderful news with our WIN family and celebrated the New Year at the VFW with dancing, of course.

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