Saturday, February 24, 2007

Verry Busy Month trying to catch up

Quartzsite Boomers Gathering

01 25 07

We relocated about 15 miles from the WINs with the group we joined while at the Balloonfest. It is called Boomerville. In fact we are parked next to Terry and Vicky who were our neighbors there and also the couple who helped us move for 2 days into our new motor home. We immediately set out our traveling yard sale. Sold a few things and I also emptied another box. There was entertainment before the afternoon circle. It was the “Geraldine” contest. 6 men dressed as ladies parade their stuff.
Then a group of new Boomers preformed a skit. After we returned to the rig a few people came by for the yard sale or a visit then we drove to Bouse for dinner and dancing. About 20 WINs were there and the place was packed. The bar is called Somewhere Arizona and the band is part of the group we go to dance with at the Yacht Club..

Our second day in Boomerville, I drove over to Bouse and got our mail then visited with Bud and Nancy who will be leaving Sunday to go to Texas. Bob in the meantime did some work around the rig and manned the yard sale. We then went and met Candy and Ron, friends from Phoenix, who came to QZ for the day. We went to the Grubstake and 3 of us shared a seafood platter. The portions are huge. Our solar man, Ron, called while there and brought over our 2 new batteries. Back at the motor home, Bob installed them with Tom’s help and a few calls to Ron. In the evening we had a campfire with our neighbors and visited with Vicky and Terry. They are impressed how far we have come along settling in as the last time they saw us we were piled high with stuff.

We continued to visit with the Boomer’s, afternoon social hours, impromptu potluck meals with our 3 neighbor couples. Ron and Candy came by on Sunday to see our motor home then in the evening we went to Brenda to see their new motor home. Back at QZ, Bob and I went to the Yacht Club for dancing. Monday afternoon we went over to the WINs for circle and hot dog pot luck supper. Curt Pyeatt was there and Bob helped him with his tire monitors. It was fun seeing all the group one last time before we all split QZ.

01 31 07 Las Vegas Bound

Wednesday we left Quartzsite and drove to Boulder City, NV. Settled in at Lake Mead Recreation Area.

Thursday we visited with Carl and MaryAnn, friends of Donna’s from NY state who have resided here since 1976.

Thursday we ran around down in Henderson. Did some shopping for modifying the rig to our liking. Stopped at the Elk’s lodge in Henderson. Interesting note. There are concrete slabs surrounding the building that rver’s can park on for overnights. We were told that the slabs are remnants of the buildings used to house black workers on the Hoover Dam. They were not allowed to stay in Boulder City which was the base housing for the workers. The lodge was there old meeting hall. We then stopped in at the Elk’s Lodge in Boulder City for a delicious roast beef dinner. Our dinner companions were new (6 weeks) on the road rver’s. They are from NJ and haul a 45’ 5th wheel “toy box” with a mid-size truck.

Saturday was spent at the lake and Bob worked on the rig doing the modifications. He installed a 600w invertor for just the computer so we don’t have to use the 2500 which uses more electric to run. I cleaned the car so my daughter wouldn’t see such a filthily vehicle.

Sunday we met my daughter and her neighbor Deb at the MGM Grand.
We brought them out to the lake so she could see our new home. We took them to see Hoover Dam and then stopped in Boulder City for a bite to eat. They were tired from walking the strip the night before so we opted to go see Red Rock Canyon a national BLM park outside of LV. Very pretty 13 mile loop. We took a short hike and stopped to see the wild burro along side the road. Back in town we stopped at the Rio for a little gambling and to watch the Madis Gras in the Sky show. On to the Stratosphere to see the lights of Vegas, where we also had dinner. Then over to Fremont Street for the Experience light show. We walked around a bit and just missed out on winning $1000 at a free pull machine. The guy ahead of us won. We dropped the girls off about 10pm and headed home to the more peaceful side of the mountain.

We went into meet Donna’s cousin & husband and their friends Billie and Rich at South Point Casino about 2 miles south of the strip. The strip is fast approaching that area. We had a buffet lunch, gambled a little and then we brought them out to the motor home. They were surprised that we don’t “camp” and how luxuriously we live without hookups. In the evening we joined the Dey’s for dinner in Henderson.

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