Monday, February 26, 2007

February's Travels

02/06/2007 -- 02/26/2007

We went to Parker, AZ after Las Vegas. We arrived after dark, only one space left at the Elk’s Lodge. The neighbor’s helped Donna pull into a very tight parking spot. When we got the slides out there was less than 12 inches on each side. We called Curt and Dottie and they came right over with two more friends Art and Pat. We went back to the motor home to show them and visit.

We got electrical work done at Lake Havasu. Now both sides of the rv have plugs that work when we are on the inverter. So does the air mattress and the vacuum. We won’t have to disturb the neighbors by running the generator to use them.

We stayed one night at Quartzsite where we had stayed with the WINs and went to Bouse for dinner and dancing.

We then headed to Yuma. Settled in near a friend and discovered there were 15 WINs here. An unofficial gathering, I guess. Bob and I went dancing at the VFW, Mickey B’s and the Moose Lodge.

We got our things out of Bob Hamilton’s shed to have another yard sale. On our way home we stopped at a Park and Sell lot and bought a 1999 Suzuki 4x4. So Bob had to take apart the car’s towing package, CB, kayak rack and fit his fishing and golf gear into the bays.

We met Bob and Nancy our friends from the cruise for dinner at the Olive Garden. Nice seeing them again.

We took the mh in to RV World for its adjustments and repairs. Bob took the car to get the hitch modified. We visited Sheri and some of the Wins staying at Yuma Lakes BLM for an afternoon social. Bob located someone who did the electrical connection between the car and MH. After all the repairs were made we headed out to Gila Bend for an overnight on the way to Casa Grande.

We arrived at the Gypsy Journal Rally to find that they were wrapping the event up so we moved on to the Coolidge Florence Elk’s Lodge where WINs were gathering. There were about a dozen of us. We got a phone call from the Florida DMV and had to go into town to fax paper work for the car. During the conversation we also discovered we had overpaid the sales tax by $5200. That was a great present. Paid for the car.

The lodge had a yard sale and BBQ we attended. WINs had their usual social hour even though this isn’t a gathering we still get together.

We moved to the Fairgrounds in Casa Grande where the WINs dance rally was held. The rigs kept rolling in all day and it was fun seeing all our friends arriving. We put out our yard sale. I helped with the registration and Bob helped with some of the setup when not attending to the yard sale. At our circle and there were over 150 attendees. We enjoyed the hula girls and guys. In the evening there was our first dance.

Then the lessons started. There is an hour of line dancing, then 2 hours of morning and 2 hours of afternoon classes. Followed each evening by dancing for 3 hours. We learned the 2-step, lindy or jitterbug, nightclub 2-step, cha-cha and waltz. What an overload. We are in a fairgrounds cement floor building and backs and legs ache.

In between times we have social hours, pizza parties, pot lucks, Am Legion spaghetti dinner, and a visit to a monastery.

And of course the yard sale. We managed to get rid of all but a propane tank. Some was free for the taking.

When we left the Casa Grande we went back to Yuma. While at the Dance Rally we had rain and our slide leaked again. We are staying here until we know for sure there will be no more leaks. In the meantime there are friends to visit, dancing, Algondones for dental, pharmacutals and alcohol. We will be busy. But it is FUN…..

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