Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back In Yuma

We arrived back in Yuma after the dance rally to get our motor home serviced. The slide leaked again when it rained. We again found a few WINs here. Curt and Dottie arrived as we were on our way to RV World. When we got back we parked next to them. Nice visiting with them. We went to Algodones, dancing at the VFW and to the Flea Market with them. We are beginning to think of Yuma as home since we seem to spend so much of the winter here.

We continue to go to Algondones for dental work. I got caps ($150 ea/porcelain) and a filling and Bob is trying to get his implants completed. (2 teeth for $700). If we had this work done in the US the caps & the implants both are over $1000 each He got a cheap pair of transition glasses to wear on the rafting trip. $35 including the frames. The longest part of the day is standing in line to go thru the American Customs. Up to an hour or more. Check out the lines on the Life on the Road link.

We went to Mickey B’s on Friday night for his fantastic singing. Sat at the piano bar and we were part of the rhythm section. Gourd rattles and tambourines. On the weekend we stayed home and worked on the rig. Bob installed a fluorescent light above the couch, installed a 12v fan on our propane heater, put our license plates on both vehicles, (we got them in less than 2 weeks for the car and 6 weeks for the motor home, it took me almost 4 months to get my last mh plated). He rearranged his toolbox and I vacuumed bagged some of our clothing, installed a shoe bag, shortened a rug runner, added some needlework to pillows and then after all that we went dancing at the VFW in the afternoon. Sunday we continued to work on the rig. He completed the radio installation and I rearranged cabinets trying to lighten the load on the one slide. Then in the afternoon we went 4 wheeling to Dome Mtn and to the old mining/town museum.

Finished up with a great dinner and music at Martinez Lake.

More Win friends came during the 2 weeks we spent at the VFW/BLM. We continued to go to Algodones, dancing etc. It is getting quite warm here in the low 90’s so when we had to relocate on the 12th we went to the SKP park for a site with electricity for AC and the swimming pool. In the afternoon we went back to Algodones, since the dentist was closed and the line to go thru customs huge and it was hot we opted to sit it out at a Cantina. We met two wonderful couples today and one we went to dinner with at the Paradise Casino. It was Senior Monday and we each were given $10 to play the slots. Bob lost his and I left with $30. After we got back I enjoyed a nice swim and hot tub soak looking up at the stars. Can life get better?

During the week we were at the SKP park we went to the movies and saw Hog Wild. Very funny. To Cocopah casino for dinner and gambling on senior night there. Stopped at Bob’s welder’s house and he gave us a fantastic tape of his singing. We washed the rig to check for the leak in the slide. Nada. Hope it has been repaired. Bob installed the macerator for sewage dumping and also the CB in the MH.

We have been held up on leaving as the part for the rv which was to be installed on the 19th hadn't even been ordered. We are also awaiting the hardware and tools to complete Bob's implants. We went to Algodones,
gambled at Paradise on their money (Senior Day)then went to the VFW for a WIN's social hour or two. I participated in water aerobics and we walked for exercise.

On 3/21 we took the rv to the dealers and they installed the new fabric for the slide topper, then we relocated to Paradise Casino. The next day Bob’s implant parts arrived and we again went to Mexico for the installation. Back at the Casino all the rv's were told to leave and we opted to go to Indian land at the Algodones exit. We camp here free. Same Indians, so you would think they would want us near their casino and restaurants instead of out in the boonies. We again went to MX for the final fitting of Bob's teeth. They didn't fit so had to be redone. Saturday morning again back across the border.

Donna walked around town and got these pictures. The iguana was touchable and she did. The man was bending gold wire and making name pins. Once the teeth fit we head for Apache Junction east of Phoenix.

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Michael Hamilton said...

Sorry to bother you but after Googling for recommendations for implants specialists in Algodones I came across your you have a recommendation? My wife and I made our first trip to Algodones just last week and received excellent dental care, glasses and even a visit to the dermatologist! Now a friend of mine is in urgent need of dental care probably including extensive implants.

Thank you for your time and happy trails!

Michael Hamilton