Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trip back home

We left Las Vegas on a red-eye to Cleveland. No sleep, extremely tired from the rafting trip. Took a nap on arrival as soon as the grandkids took their nap.

After that it was run, run, run and visit, visit, visit. Spent Mother's Day at Donna's daughter's home with 2 daughters and 2 grandkids, both of us visited with family, friends and ex co-workers. Donna did the medical visits and the Doctor said all of his patients should be as healthly. Went twice to Wayne's (Bob's son) for steak barbeque and to celebrate Bob's sister-in-laws birthday.

The weather was nice the first day or two then the usual gray rainy sky's of Ohio set in. Bob even had to go buy a jacket. Almost broke the budget at $1.07. Our last day in OH we went to the Cleveland Zoo with Donna's 3 granddaughter's.

After 9 days in Ohio we flew to Manchester, NH and Bob's son Mark picked us up and drove us to Brunswick, ME for a visit with his family. They have a new home. Mark showed us where he work's as a caretaker for a big "cottage" for a family from California.

While the kids were in school and the parents were at work, we played. It was nice to be back in the siteseeing mode again. Tuesday we drove down one long series of islands to Land's End, a gift shop and lucked into a sale where we each got a new pullover jacket, then to the Giant's Steps along the shoreline. After that we went for lunch overlooking the water and Donna ate a hearty bowl of "steamers".

Wednesday we shopped till we dropped at LL Beans,
tried to find a campground Donna and her husband had stayed. No luck. Back at the ranch Jill cooked up 9 whole lobsters and we feasted.

Thursday we drove to Boothbay Harbor and walked around all the tourist shops, took a beautiful drive to Ocean Point and back at home we had Lobster Bisque from the leftovers. Wow! this is the best treat of the whole trip.

Friday we packed up and after delivering kids to their other parents home headed to Bedford NH to Jill's parents home. It is a 3 hour drive from Mark and Jill's to the airport and since we had a 6am flight we stayed overnight there. Donna called friends Jeannie and Warren and we met them at the Cracker Barrel for a nice visit before heading back for dinner.

Saturday we were up at 4 am for the flight, got rained on in Cleveland when we changed planes and we were back in Las Vegas at 10:30 am. Kay, Bob and Phil, Donna's cousin-in-law picked us up and drove us back to the motorhome. We quickly turned on the generator and AC, ran some errands, unpacked 3 weeks of stuff, headed out to Boulder City to pickup stored stuff there and then collapsed.

Sunday we left Las Vegas and headed for our next adventure in California.