Monday, May 14, 2007

Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

We arrived at the Eagles Aarie in Las Vegas where about 9 of us gathered to leave our rigs there while we rafted. The rest of the people going stayed at the Marriott where we met them for the orintation meeting on Thursday evening. While in Las Vegas we shopped for last minute items and a group went to Fremont Street for a $6.99 Prime Rib dinner and to view the "Experience".

Friday morning we were picked up at the Eagles at 5:15 and driven to Lee's Ferry near Page, AZ where we boardedthe rafts for our 7 night and 8 day adventure. Almost immediately we got wet. It was an overcast day and we were shivering. The same happened on Saturday. We were all miserably cold and could hardly wait to make camp that night and get a hot toddy and hot meal.

The rest of our trip was warmer, sunnier and much more enjoyable. The deeper we went the prettier it got.


We ran rapids often enough to keep cool. Our guides Marty, Will, Blondie and Jett told us many tales, historic events and facts about the canyon. We stopped for a couple of hours at Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Bright Angel Trail that goes from rim to rim. As we were an older group we requested this as most of would never be able to see it any other way.

Along the way we stopped for hikes at various places. Most notable was the Little Colorado whose incredible turquoise waters were enjoyed. One night we camped by the Anaiza grainery and many hiked to the top for the beautiful view of the river.

We stopped at Deer Creek Waterfalls and while there Bob and I had a private moment together where we said vows to one another to commit our lives together.

Further on we stopped at the Havasupi Creek and we hiked up it for about a mile to beautiful pools .

Our days started out with a great hardy hot breakfast with fresh fruit, eggs, pancakes, or french toast. At lunch break we had deli sandwiches, chips and cookies and in the evening gourmet dinners. Spaghetti, Mexican burritos, pork loin and filet mignon the final night. Each night we had desserts of various cakes, cobblers etc that Jett made using a cast iron dutch oven. One evening we had a campfire using flameless candles that Bob and I got each person as a memento and each introduced ourselves and told what our favorite place or adventure was.

By the end of the trip we were all stuffed, satisfied with what we saw and glad we had come. We exchanged email address to share our many thousands of pictures. Made life long friendships of those we had just met. We were all rver's except for 3. Most of us were single altho a few of us were coupled up. It was a great experience and we hope you enjoy the few pictures of many that we post here.

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Randy & Diana said...

Incredible pictures! Thanks for sharing them, and the story, with us!