Friday, April 27, 2007

Zion revisited

We left Page on Thursday and stopped briefly at Kanab to check out our rafting trip and be sure all the arrangements are correct. We met our head boatman and we know we will have fun. Then going thru town we stopped for fuel $2.999 per gal. and propane @ $2.50 per gal. We continued on to Zion. We had planned to stay at a free spot along the Virgin River but it started to rain and it looked pretty ominous so we left. We rocked and rolled so bad going in that everything flew from the cupboards. Our only loss tho was a full bottle of our favorite tequila. Zion campgounds were very full but we managed to find a site that was big enough, had an opening in the trees and a shot through the canyon walls for the satellite

Friday: After checking for our mail, stopping for lunch and shopping we went on a hike to Canyon Overlook and drove over the road toward Kanab to see the pretty scenery. In the evening we took the shuttle to the far end of the park and back. The sun was low and the shadows and light on the upper reaches were very pretty.

Saturday we checked our mail, Bob's in, Donna's not, after breakfast we went to an outfitter's and rented gear to hike the Narrow's. It is at the end of the road, then a mile hike where we changed into the gear. Waterproof pants, neoprene soxs and water hiking shoes. Away we went up stream. Had to cross back and forth many times and occasionally in waist deep water. Donna fell once, Bob rescued the hiking stick but lost a water bottle helping her back up. The canyon narrowed the farther we went up. We did 1 1/2 to 2 miles one way. It was easier coming down as the water flow kind of pushed us along but it was still tricky as the water wasn't clear and we had to feel for our footing. BTW the water temperature was 47. There were a lot of young folks who just went up in shorts and tennis shoes but we were glad to have the warm protective gear.

Sunday was a day of rest. Bob called a friend he worked with and found out they were only 25 miles away at Hurricane so we drove over and spent a lovely afternoon visiting. They are full timers also. It was nice to meet Michael and Loretta formally from Canfield Oh. Back at the MH we visited with neighbors and took a neat picture of the motorhome reflecting the cliffs in front of us. Should we send that in for a magazine cover?

We will probably not post for several weeks as we will be doing the Grand Canyon trip starting Friday and then flying home to OH and ME to visit the kids for 2 weeks. But we will have a lot to tell about when we do get to post again.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys are brave. Diana and I were going to hike the Narrows one time and only got about 10 feet before we gave up. Way too cold.

Win #2167

Richard n Shirley said...

you guys are having lots of fun. good to meet you at the dump. drive carefully and have fun.

Richard n Shirley
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