Saturday, June 30, 2007

Folsum Wins

We arrived at Folsum a few days earlier than the rest and since we couldn't get in to the park until Saturday we stayed at the Moose Lodge. What a blast. We were one block away from old town Folsum and on Friday they kicked off the rodeo with a cattle drive down main street. We just had a few hundred feet to go to watch it. Then in the evening the lodge had a delicious swiss steak dinner and karaoke. We meet some great people and we helped close the bar. Lucky we were parked there as neither of us needed or could drive.

On Saturday we moved to Negro Bar, the state recreation area, right on the American River. Our group of around 24 rigs also were here and we had our first circle. Nothing was planned for us, but there is a lot to do.

Sunday was Donna's birthday so to celebrate we went on a 2-3 mile bike ride, to old town Folsom for a late breakfast, kayaking for about 4 miles on the American River then to dinner at the Cliff House. We sat on the back porch overlooking the river and had a lovely dinner and birthday cake.

Monday the group toured the Folsom Prison museum and went to Folsom Point on the lake for a picnic lunch.

Afterwards, we took a drive to Coloma and toured the state park there. It is the site of Sutter's Mill where gold was discovered in 1848 and started the gold rush. We didn't find any, darn. Back home we gathered for circle and Nelda's peach pie and ice cream. Another bike ride along the river bike path after it cooled off, then visiting with Max & Berty until way late ended the day.

Tuesday was another hot day. We decided to go to Oroville to get our mail and see Curt Pyeatt so that we could head for the coast and cooler weather after this gathering. Had lunch and a nice visit with Curt then headed up to Paradise to check out that town. It sits on Table Mountain and has canyons on both sides. Mini Grand Canyons. We checked out the Moose and Elk's rv parking for future reference then headed down to Live Oak via Chico to see Jim and Sandy. They were delayed and weren't home. It was after 7pm when we got back to Folsom. Had dinner and tried to keep cool. The temperature is over 100 here. Time to head out for some cool.

July 4th found us hitting the road to cool. We drove 305 miles to Eureka. A record for us but it was so HOT. 106 predicted for the 4th and up to 112 at Redding where the group will be in another week or so. We are on our own again.

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