Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cool, Cool Coast

July 4th thru 9th. We just love having to put on jackets again. It has been in the mid 60's during the day and mid to high 50's at night. Moisture in the air, fog, some sunshine. We were joined the next day by Donna Dinges and Tom Cassidy and the following day by Lois Edwards. Lois joined Bob and I for a steak dinner at the Elk's Lodge where we met Jack Moore, a single rver who lives here in Eureka and a couple we had met at the Napa Elk's Lodge

We walked around the Arcata Marsh spotting terns, cormarants, a great blue herron and a sea otter. Then sat at the beach for a while.

After we met Tom and Donna at the Somoa Cookhouse, a historic logging cookhouse and museum. We were served dinner at a long table, family style. That day the meal was chicken parmasian.

Bob repaired a broken pipe in Lois' rig. She was unable to use her water pump as it just pumped water all over her subflooring. While he did that I did 18 days of laundry. Then we crashed the rest of the day.

We stayed on enjoying the cool weather and did a day long side trip on the Medicino Cape touring the lost coast and seeing some outstanding scenery.

It was amazing that every few miles the temperature would change from the mid 60's to the low 90's. We went from rainforest to deserts, from dense forests to open vistas of the ocean. Returning north we drove through more of the Avenue of the Giants (Redwoods).

July 10th. We moved further north along the coast. Along the way we parked for lunch along the ocean and then went to a casino in Crescent City. Thought we were spending the night there but it was the wrong casino. Went in and got our player's card and $20 credit. I left with $25. Not bad for not spending any money. We then found the right casino at Smith River and spent the night with Tom, Donna and our friends from Napa Cathy and Rick.

The next day found us going to Brookings, OR and the Elk's lodge. Cathy and Rick are here also. Bob is having difficultly with our internet so we are awaiting parts. Meantime, we sightsee. We went kayaking for 3 hours on the Chetco river with Rick. Then a great hamburger out by the beach.

The 4 of us took the jet boat ride up the Rogue River for 40 miles. Along the way the captain told hilarious tales and got us soaking wet. He even did several rapids over again.
We saw eagles, osprey, deer and a black bear.

The next day we relocated to a turnout south of Gold Beach. Rick and Cathy joined us here too. It was cool so we played dominoes while watching the waves. We took a break and walked on the beach. See our rig between the rocks?

The next morning it was sprinkling and the tide was way out so Bob went and checked out the tidal pools with Rick and Cathy while I stayed toasty warm. We then left them and moved to Coos Bay to the Mill Casino. In the evenings after paying our "rent" (gambling) we would go and listen to a one man band and dance at the club. Met a nice couple and talked about our lifestyle

We had 2 parts mailed to us for the internet and neither one was the answer so we found that there was help at Eugene and we veered east at Florence for a day. We located the Elk's Lodge and made arrangements to park overnight before going in for repairs. It is great to be back on line.

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BK said...

Hey Bob & Donna,
Looks like you two are enjoying some cool weather on the coast while the WIN's swelter in CA. My blog page is where you can view my pics on the van conversion.

Continue to have fun and stay cool,