Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back to the Cool Coast

July 18 finds us returning to the coast and stopping at the Elk's Lodge in town. The first people we see are Cathy and Rick. We set up with 50 amp electric and water and paid for two days to let our mail catch up with us.

We then took a drive 12 miles north to see the Hecta lighthouse. We stopped at a turnout and saw seals on the rocks below. Then we drove around old town Florence and talked with a lady traveling in a class B with a kayak on the back. Back at the lodge the 4 of us went for the fish fry. It has been off and on rain for the last few days.

We woke to rain but it quickly turned into a beautiful sunshine day. After getting Donna's mail (Bob's didn't come) we went back to Old Town for lunch at Mo's. While waiting for a table we chatted with a lady biker from Eugene and invited her to join us for lunch. We went to a jewelry store that Rick and Cathy told us about that has beautiful displays of shells, coral and other sea stuff. It was so beautiful we hardly saw the jewelry. We then drove to both the north and south jetty's, Oregon Dunes National park and Siltcoot Lake. After a drink at the Elk's where we met a couple just starting to fulltime in January we went to Bliss's 101 Hot Rod restaurant next door. It has cars coming out of the building and inside 2 cars were made into booths. Lots of memorabilia

On Friday we headed to Newport. Stopped at the Elk's Lodge but they were full. Called Judy and Andy our dance instructor for Win's and they invited us to park in their yard about 20 miles east out in the country. We had a nice visit with them and Judy served us a delicious chili dinner.

Saturday we headed to Newport to go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and it was packed with people. Thought it might be a free day, however, it was because it's summer and it's raining so people can't go to the beach. We went instead to a visitor's center for the study of marine life. Very interesting with hands on. We met Judy and Andy to go to the county fair but because it was still raining so we opted to go to a restaurant they like and get take out clam chowder, stopped at a grocery store for shrimp and we feasted at home.

Sunday was another grey OH day but in OR. We drove to see both lighthouses, tried again at the very busy aquarium and then drove 26 miles south to see the Devil's Churn below Yachats but the tide was out and it wasn't churning. We decided to head inland and see if the weather improved. Took rt 34 out of Waldport toward Corvellis and it turned sunny and near 80. It made us perk up but when we arrived back home we were in grey overcast again. Played with the computors and then to dinner at Judy and Andy's. Cards again in the evening.

Monday, July 23rd, we headed out from Judy and Andy's intending to go just to Lincoln City. It was foggy and drizzling and Bob said "enough". Head inland. We went to Grande Ronde and stopped at the Spirit Mountain Casino. Hoping the weather would break on the coast. We had sunshine and when Bob tried to get out Motosat working is made a loud clunk and he had to climb up on the rooftop with computer in hand to stow it.

Tuesday we headed to McMinnville to view the Spruce Goose. The world's largest aircraft built by Howard Hughes in 1947 and flown for one mile, 70' off the water at a cost of $25,000,000. It is so impressive. The pictures we took can begin to describe it. While out in the parking lot we finally hooked up with the Motosat people and headed back to Eugene for more repairs. We spent the night in the parking lot next door to the busiest trucking company. Trucks moving around except from about 10pm to 2am. At any rate the motosat was removed and lubricated, new software installed and when we relocated 2 miles away at the Elk's lodge it only took 9 minutes to be on the net. Where we go from here hasn't been decided so wait and see.

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