Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crater Lake

Thursday, July 26 finds us heading out of Eugene on Rt 58 toward Crater Lake. Along the way we stopped at a pullout where there were hot springs. After soaking in them for an hour or so we headed further along. We stopped at a beautiful overlook of Odell Lake just east of Willamette Pass for a lunch break.
Our final campsite was at Broken Arrow, a national forest campground at Diamond Lake just above Crater Lake.

Friday we drove the Rim Rd. clear around Crater Lake. Stopping so many times at beautiful overlooks that it took us 4 hours to drive the 33 mile circle. We did a 7 mile side trip to see the Pinnacles. Back home we kicked back. We were visited by Allen Moore, a WIN. We rode bikes after supper, stopping to visit him at his site.

Saturday, drove to Shady Cove stopping along the way to see the Rogue River Gorge and a natural bridge.
The natural bridge is where the river goes underground thru a lava tunnel. At Shady Grove we stopped for lunch at a mexican restaurant overlooking the Rogue River. We watch small rafts coming downriver and taking out right across from us. We continued on heading toward home via Klamath Lake. We took a backroad and went thru Butte Falls. We looked up the falls on our GPS and went to it. There we found a bunch of young people jumping and diving off the 20' beautiful waterfalls.

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