Friday, August 03, 2007

Sparks Lake

Sunday was relocation day. Diana and Randy had told us about the Cascade Lakes scenic highway and a lake they had stayed at. We checked out several lakes along the way for camping and ended up where they had stayed. Sparks Lake. It looks like a meadow with a small stream running thru it. We sat by the stream and relaxed. Lots of people here on the weekend. It looks like a wayside picnic park. Across the meadow there is a snowcapped mountain. One of the 3 Sister's mountains. In the morning & evenings there are deer. Hung the hummingbird feeder and have a swarm of them all day long.

We have decided to stay here until we go into the rallies, as it is quiet, free and we can relax,repair and go kayaking. We cleaned the mh inside and out. Did repairs. Went kayaking on beautiful Sparks Lake and Hosmer Lake.

Some days we worked in the morning's cool and drove to Bend in the afternoon. We stopped by at Jay Cushman's for a brief visit. There was excitement here one day when a 3 and 4 year old wandered off from a neighboring campsite. Fortunately they were found quickly.

We drove to Newberry Crater. Along the way we drove to the top of Lava Butte for a
fantastic view of the surrounding lava fields and cinder cones. Checked out campgrounds and lakes and saw the newest lava flow in OR. Only 1300 years old but is shiny with the obsidian glass.

Had a beautiful sunset one night.

One day we hiked a 2 1/2 mile loop at Sparks Lake and our final day was doing 3 weeks of laundry, oil and lube on the car, shopping for supplies, eating out along the river and we signed up for canoe lessons when we return to Bend.

8/8 we moved to Culver for the Single International Pre-rally. Along the way we had to empty and fill tanks. We were so low on water we had to use a bucket and fetch water from the stream.

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