Thursday, August 09, 2007

SI's Prerally

We moved to the prerally site in Culver, OR. It is right smack in the center of downtown. Four businesses seem to make the town. There is a beautiful city park that we park next to and rent the pavilion. There are about 2 dozen rigs. We will be caravanning into the FMCA rally on Saturday. The fire department fed us a delicious turkey BBQ dinner one night.

Bob decided to clean/change the air cleaner filter. In order to do that he had to remove 4 of our 8 batteries. He found a fried fuse and had to replace that. It took him from 10 am until 9 pm to do this job. The batteries went back in but he had forgot to chart how to hook them up. After many phone calls to Pete our WIN electrical specialist he managed to get them running so we had refrigeration, water pump, and lights. They are always good to have when boondocking.

The first thing he had to do after he got them hooked up was CLEAN UP. 4 hair washings and 2 body washings got him ready to crash for the night.

The generator wouldn't run after the batteries were hooked up so the next day after breakfast he started to check fuses. Got the dash radio working, then the generator but he cannot get the main furnace/air conditioner control to work.

Our last day at Culver we took a break from work and drove to Sisters OR via the Cove Palisades State Park and lots of National Forest land. At Sisters we walked around and window shopped awaiting a phone call. After lunch we then took a drive west to see the Lava fields. In the far distance we could see several mountains.

There was a lava building constructed that had slits and when you looked thru them you could spot mountains and a brick under each slit told what mountain you were looking at. Off in the distance there was a huge forest fire smoke plume.

Back at the camp the group had a pizza party and then a few musicians from the town entertained us with music for several hours. They were real good and we danced to their music.

The next morning we caravanned into the main FMCA rally at Redmond.

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