Saturday, August 11, 2007

FMCA Rally

8/11 FMCA Rally We got an early start and 20 coaches caravanned into the Redmond Fairgrounds. Our caravan got all out of order and then intermingled with another caravan. When we got to the fairgrounds the parking staff was excellent and separated us. We ended up all together after all. Nothing going on Saturday or Sunday so we got a little R&R and visited with the others at our 4 pm social hours.

Monday was the first day of events. Bob attended several seminars, while I signed us up for repair work and waited for them to come. We had the heater/AC controller replaced, a few water connections tightened to stop the pump from turning on briefly every 30 minutes and we had the SATV dome people get it working for the first time since we had the rig. They also told us what we have to do to get 2 other problems solved. There was a Sox Hop we went to in the evening.

More of the same on Tuesday except all the vendors were open and we got to shop. We bought 2 new chairs, 2 more sensors for our tire monitors, our new window awning was installed, new carpet for our entry steps and a diverter for the vacuum cleaner so we can now use it outside for the tow car and bays. Booked in for more service work to be done. What is nice about these rallies as suppliers are here and will adjust or repair components. We got a sticky fan vent serviced and the tow hitch cleaned and refurbished and all at no charge.

We had new people come to our SI social hour, some joined, saw many old friends who are here in this huge crowd but not parked near us, met many new people and in the evening we watched Ricky Nelson son's preform a tribute to him. Donna watched Willie and Company preform. Peggy is a ventriloquist and is from Henderson, NY where she was raised. Small world.

The rest of the week was more of the same. Seminars, socializing, shopping with a little repair work done. Evening entertainment was Debbie Boone and Tony Orlando.

If you wish to see more of the FMCA site just click on the highlighted FMCA at the top. One thing Bob learned was how to link to other sites.

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Judy from Sandhill Crane, EGA said...

Donna, Haven't checked your progress for awhile. Looks like you are having a great time.

My husband and I heard Ricky's sons on a cruise last year. Aren't they nice guys?!

Keep safe. See you in Florida sometime again.