Friday, August 17, 2007

Bend WINs gathering

We rejoined with the Wins at a Sno-Park west of Bend and near where we camped at Sparks Lake. Several of us had been to the FMCA rally. On our way here we stopped at Costco. We had joined it at the rally and got a bag full of goodies including $30 worth of coupons. Bob found lots of new toys (electronics) so he will be keeping busy with them. Bob's son Mark made the remark {welcome to the 21 century} meaning the I-pod along with all the other stuff we bought at the rally. We also did the empty and fill thing. $180 for a fuel fill but that comes out of the camping fees we don't pay.

Our first day was busy. We went kayaking on Sparks Lake again. Bob led 10 of us on that outing.

Bill, a new friend from the Culver prerally tried out Donna's kayak. He is hooked and will be buying one.

The yellow kayak is Donna's old one with Bob McCort the new owner.

Neat picture of a flock of ducks taking off when Donna approached them.

Back at camp we tried to sort thru all the stuff we had picked up at the rally. I put the new step carpet on. Bob loaded music onto the IPOD. After circle the gang went to Redmond's VFW for dancing.

Sunday was a miserable day weatherwise. We had to cancel the hike as it was a drizzley day and even spitted snow up on the mountain where we are camped. We went to the movies and saw Hairspray with John Trevolta. It was rated 5 stars but it is the worst movie we have seen. We then went to dinner, stopped by the VFW to see if any of the group was there for the dance. Went by Patrice's so Bob could get more music for the IPOD. Back home he loaded music for several hours. He now has 8565 songs, 41.21GB. THANKS PATRICE.

Monday morning Bill, Bob, Jim and I went for our canoe lesson. We had about an hour talk before entering the water and then we fought wind and current going up stream on the Deshutes River in Bend. We learned how to paddle and turn etc. Afterwards we enjoyed Chili Cheeseburgers at Red Robin before hitting sports stores to buy the equipment we will need for our big 2 week canoe trip on the Green River in Utah in 3 weeks. We are really getting excited now. The lessons gave us the confidence that we really can do this.

As we leave here this sunny Tuesday morning we are beginning our journey east. The next 15 months we will be on our eastern trip. Hope to meet a lot of new people, see old friends and family, and of course many new adventures. Keep looking in and see what we are up to.

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Randy & Diana said...

Wow! You guys are famous! Did you purposely track George down, or did you just happen upon him? I guess we'll hear all about it in your next entry. You should have had him give you a plug for your blog. I just missed him in Arches, and was very disappointed.

Have a great trip, looking forward to your reports. By the way, we both loved "Hairspray," but there's no accounting for taste...