Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Across Oregon

Tuesday 8/21 What a pretty drive. Route 26 across Oregon. We detoured toward John Day Fossil Beds

and found a beautiful river access park. We unhooked the toad (car) and drove to them. They did not impress us as we couldn't identify any fossils. The drive was pretty and we fueled up at the only gas station in the town of Fossil for $3.39 a gal. Bob got this neat picture of a wooley mammoth.
Back at the park we took our lawn chairs down by the water and visited. The water was so smooth the reflection of the cliff was beautiful.

On we continued to the town of John Day. Everything in these parts seem to be named John Day. Fossil Beds, rivers, towns, a dam. So we asked who he is. An early trapper who may or may not have ever been in the area. We parked in the center of town at the Elk's Lodge. We arrived on the day that the Fair opened and it was a free day. We went to it. Took maybe a half an hour to see it and got a fantastic hamburger at the American Legion booth, followed by an elephant ear. Gourmet elephant ear. We sat with a 3rd grader and her grandpa and teased her that we were really eating an elephant's ear. Gave her a taste and they went and bought one too. She said her's was a pierced ear.

We planned on leaving today but our chores took to long. Bob put the sensors on the car so we know if we have a flat while towing on all of our tires, a new rack on the car for our kayak, checked the engine out while I did 4 loads of laundry. While we were working we kept smelling a delicious meal being cooked at the Senior Center behind us. Since we are seniors we went for a delicious roast beef dinner for $3 each. It was good....mashed potatoes, vegetables and dessert. Hmmmm..Great to be old and we meet some nice people too.

Friday morning we drove to the top of the nearby hill where the airport is and took this picture of the town. If you look close behind the brown building you will see our motorhome.

When we left town we headed toward the ID border. We realized on the way that we could meet up with our fellow blogger George and Ms Tioga so we programmed our GPS for his location at Keeney Pass. Low and behold there they were and we had a wonderful afternoon and evening visiting with this nice man. Check out his Web Page Vagabonders-supream

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