Sunday, October 21, 2007

Deming NM at Low-HI

Saturday we left Silver City and went to Deming. We parked at the LOW's ranch as Passport America guests since we cannot belong to LOW's single club. They frown on couples sharing a rig like we do. But we still have many friends and wanted to see them before heading east for the next year. We saw Jim Kelly, Donna Lee Cole, Carolyn Nottleson, Gail Upton, Paul and Bob. Hope to meet more when their rally is over and we can go to social hour. In the evening we went to town and found great dancing at the Moose Lodge. It was the same couple who did the karaoke at Silver City's Moose and she reminded us of their engagement here when we were pulling out.

Sunday was go to Mexico day for the medication Donna needs for the next year when we are back east. This border town Palomas charges a little more than Algondones near Yuma but at least we got it. We also got haircuts and ate lunch at the Pink Store. Back at the Ranch we visited more with friends, went to social hour and saw more people we know then headed into town. The VFW had a dance and again we enjoyed the music, dancing and seeing old friends.

Monday we went to town for our mail, a little shopping and a tour of their museum. It was huge for such a small town and displayed everything from ancient Indian pottery to a collection of liquor bottles. Everything imaginable. Back at the park we went to social hour and then spent a quiet evening at home watching TV.

Tuesday is LOW's day at the Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico and about 40 of us went for lunch, dancing and margaritas. More errands in Deming and we will be leaving Deming tomorrow for Texas. Sorry no pictures were taken for this blog but we didn't sitesee.


WINPres said...

Hey, Guys... I just noticed that you are located in Afghanistan! How is the RVing there? I've heard there are some formidable mountains there!

Hugs, Sharon

Anonymous said...

Blog is really exciting, first visit Bob. Ron B