Monday, October 15, 2007

Western New Mexico

We left Albuquerque Sunday afternoon heading for Datil and peace and quiet at a BLM campground. Just before our exit a car from the north bound right lane went airborn and flew right across the road in front of us. Bob stopped quickly and I got the fire extinguisher out for him and he ran to the car along with others who quickly stopped. The car plowed into a hill. The driver was dead and we later heard that 3 were killed altho Bob was talking to the women passenger and saw no others in the car. Naturally, we were shook up. We left town without fueling up and after about 20 miles we headed back to town to fuel up. It was around 4 so we found the Eagles Aarie and parked overnight.

The next morning we stopped at Walmart and found 3 of our friends had overnighted there. We then headed toward Datil for the second time.
Along the way we spotted the "Very Large Array" which are huge radio dishes listen into space.

Found a nice campsite for $2.50 a night. Peace and quiet at last. We are resting up.

Tuesday we drove to AZ stopping at a post office which had really antique boxes.

Between Showlow and Concho we looked at lots that a lot of single rver's are buying to spend summer in cooler climes at 63-6600'. We found a lot with Sue's help, contacted the owners, former LOW's and made the deal. Went to the courthouse and we are now proud owners of 1.09 acres of AZ. We hope we can find it when we return in about 3 years to see if it is still there. This picture is a what the view is looking toward the front of the lot. It was taken from the highway near the lot.

Wednesday we moved on thru some very pretty and ever changing landscapes to Glenwood and parked at a free NF CG right next to the road. While there we hiked the"Cat

It's in gold country and back in the 1800's a water pipe was run about 20' above a raging river in a Canyon. It was a beautiful hike as you can see in the picture.

Next we went to the ghost town of Mogollon. Pretty drive up steep, narrow roads. The museum and all the little shops etc open only on the weekend but we took a few pictures.

Thursday we moved to the Moose Lodge in Silver City. It was time to do laundry, clean the house etc. In the evening we went into the lodge for karaoke and met some nice people as usual.

Friday we drove a very beautiful highway to Hillsboro.
There was a quaint old general store with lots of antiques and the best bumbleberry pie.
We were told to go there by someone we met in our travels and it was a great road and pie.

We then headed to Gila Cliff Dwellings, hiked to them.

On the way home we stopped at Pinas Altos and the Buckhorn Saloon for a delicious hamburger. It was filled with antiques also. There was to be a live band but after waiting almost an hour we left without hearing them.

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