Monday, November 05, 2007

Texas Gulf Coast the first week

We arrived in Rockport on 11/4. Stayed at a church parking lot then next morning the rv dealer got the parts numbers to order and we relocated to Port Aransas at Mike and Darlene's for the next 2 1/2 weeks.

They are just a few blocks from the ocean.

Had to ferry across to the island and this is the awesome view from behind the steering wheel.

Having a wonderful visit. Bob and I worked on our bays and took 2 huge bags of stuff to a thrift shop, more to the garbage cans. Bob realigned his tool bay adding shelves. In the evening he and Mike went to the church and made frito pies for the youth group while Darlene and I went with the older youth to the Freedom Concert in Corpus Cristi. There was rock and hip hop music, biking stunts, magician. A call for those wanting to commit to Christ went out and it was awesome to see hundreds get up. During one song lights started to sway to the music and it was cellphones opened up and lights swaying.
What a change but how fun.
Today we started by attending a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new bulkhead along the ship channel that will protect the marshland for the birds. The wind kept lengthening the ribbon so a couple of men had to shorten it before they could actually cut the ribbon.
Several dignitaries where there and then there was lunch
and a boat ride.

Afterwards we went to a marshland and saw birds and lots of turtles. After our shrimp barbecue we went to the beach for a campfire.

Friday saw us going to a Veteran's Day Service at the high school. Then across the ferry to Rockport where we went to 2 rv dealer's open houses for a free lunch. Mike and Darlene are looking into rv's instead of a popup tent trailer. While there we saw Mike & Loretta and Bob & Nancy.

Saturday we went out on a gambling ship. 6 hours of floating on a beautiful sea and buffet. Can life get any better. Gambled maybe for 1 1/2 hours then read or visited out on the deck.


roamingbarbara said...

As usual, it sounds like you having more fun than a fox in a hen house. (Does that make any sense? I think you have to be southern to say things like that.) Anyway, we took a boot out of Rockport to see the endangered whooping cranes. It seems it's one of the few places where they nest. It might be too early in the winter, but it's definitely worth checking on.

Happy Travels!

roamingbarbara said...


Can you change that to boat? We took a boat, not a boot. Although it is funnier to picture a floating boot.