Monday, November 12, 2007

Texas Gulf Coast the Second week

Bob playing tourist at one of the gift shops in town.

Monday was guys and gals day. Bob and Mike went golfing and Darlene and I were treated to pedicures. Went to a restaurant on the beach for lunch and margaritas and relaxed watching the waves.The next day the 4 of us went back for breakfast.

Wednesday, Darlene, Mike and Donna went by bus to Progresso, MX while Bob stayed home to nurse a cold/allergy. The margarita's were as potent as those in Algadones. Had a great lunch and brought plenty of booze back. Bob slept most of the day and was feeling much better.

Thursday was the first Thanksgiving dinner of 3 that we will be having. No diet this month. It was for the IGA employees. Mike and Darlene's neighbor manages it and so we all were invited.

The three of always seemed to be cleaning shrimp. Mike makes a delicious shrimp Alfredo and skewered shrimp.

Another trip over to Aransas Pass for lunch with the friends over there on Friday.
Darlene & Mike Secich, Loretta & Mike Knisley.
Donna & Bob and Nancy Hans.

Rain and dreary on Saturday gave us a day of doing nothing much. We have gotten hooked on a computor game called Bookworm and that seems to be all we do on these kind of days. In the evening we went to the neighbors for a delicious Mexican dinner and watched the Niinja competition on TV. What a hoot. We laughed so hard.

Sunday we went to church with Mike and Darlene. In the evening the church had a Thanksgiving dinner for the community of Port Aransas and there were 195 people estimated to be there. Darlene was in charge and we helped her especially with the cleanup.


roamingbarbara said...

I remember that shark! It was in Port Aransas, right? Bob should be a little more cautious. Hasn't he heard of Jonah or Geppetto. Oh, wait, they were swallowed by whales, not sharks. How about Jaws?

Happy travels!

Randy & Diana said...

You guys just wear me out reading about all the things you do!

Then I looked up Bookworm and got hooked into that for a couple of hours. It was fun!