Monday, December 17, 2007

Crystal River Area

Monday Dec. 17 we spent the morning at the Freightliner shop for our mh's first checkup, oil, lube and filters. What was to be 3 hours turned into a 6 wait. Left there at 2pm and arrived at the small town of Inglis on the west coast of FL. We made camp at the VFW then went to dinner. We visited Pinkie and Mac, friends of Donna in the evening.

Tuesday we visited more of Donna's friends. Mert & Elwood then Tom & Sue. Off to Bob's doctor appointment then to lunch on the patio at Cracker's on King's Bay. We met more of Donna's friends Doug and Judy from Ontario, Canada. Plans were made for the rest of the week.

Wednesday we moved to Homassas Springs to the Moose Lodge. Spent the afternoon at the rig and then met Doug & Judy plus 4 others for dinner at Cody's. It was buy one fajitas get one free plus buy one drink and get the second one free. They came back to our MH to see it. Nice visit.

Thursday we went to the Homassas Wildlife park and saw the manatees,
alligators, LU the resident hippo
and a whole herd of flamingos.

A pair of blue herrons building a nest.

A bald eagle saluting the flag.
Had a great time and took lots of pictures.

Off to the Ale House for a waterfront lunch/dinner.

Stopped by to see more of the Lake Rousseau friend's of Donna only to find they were in the hospital. Mac who we saw on Monday evening and Bertha. Stopped out at Fort Island Beach for a sunset. Stopped by where Donna had put her husbands ashes but there were some very loud mouthed Mexican's at that spot so we went to the fishing pier. Clouds came in so didn't see the usual good sunset but the presunset pictures will have to do.

Friday was do the old Florida touristy things so off we went to Weeki Wachee Springs to watch the mermaids do their underwater show.

Also took a boat ride down the river. Got back to the motorhome just in time to meet Doug and Judy. After a cocktail in the rig we went to the Moose Lodge for dinner and dancing.

Satuday we woke to cloudy skies and cool weather. We were planning on kayaking with the manatees but instead went to the lodge for breakfast and then worked on the computers. In the evening we met Doug and Judy and their friends Bill and Joan for dinner at Margarita Grill. Doug is the man on the left and his wife is next to the window in the same row. Note Bob's t-shirt. The owner is very patroitic and when he saw the shirt he returned with a new hat for Bob.
Because Bob's sister says she can't see what we look like in most of our pictures this ones for you Gayle.
Back at the lodge we all went in to dance to the karaoke music.

Sunday is moving day and we are going to the SKP park at Bushnell. Stayed tuned.


Randy & Diana said...

We miss you guys too, but it sounds like Donna has no shortage of friends! And just reading about all the stuff you two do is just exhausting...

The animal pictures are just amazing. We'll have to go there sometime.

roamingbarbara said...

Good grief! How many friends does Donna have? Those are some incredible animal shots and a gorgeous sunset! Did you like the mermaids? I never went because I thought that just sounded too touristy. I have a limit.

I get the same comment from my relatives about not being able to see our faces. I just say that they know what we look like, but that picture is funny!