Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bushnell for Christmas

We moved on Sunday to spend Christmas with our SKP family at the Sumpter Oaks Park. Right across the street is Ralph and Bev who at a SKP rally years ago "adopted" Donna and her husband. Then at the 6pm ice cream social we met Sandy & Clare who we had met at the Plantation playing domino's. We had called a WIN friend to join us, Jamie Holiday and Lawrence, a Solo friend joined us at the rig later for a nice visit.

A very busy day. Went to breakfast at Lake Pansofskee at Mo's then stopped by Christy Kawabata's to get the update on the events of the singles January gathering. Then drove thru the Moose lodge and spoke briefly with Clare, a WIN. Stopped at the Post Office for our mail on the way to the Webster Flea Market. One of the largest in Florida if not in the US. Donna got sufficiently lame so after leaving there we went to visit Dutch and Louie, more friends of Donna's. On the way home we stopped at Walmart to get gifts for the gift exchange at the park. Donna made dinner as there is a shortage of restaurants in Bushnell. At 6pm we went to the clubhouse for snacks and the gift exchange. We lucked out with a nice bottle of Rose' and some chocolates.

Christmas Day, Just another day so Donna did the laundry. Guaranteed open washers. At 2 pm we all gathered in the clubhouse for Christmas Dinner. Each table has a host and we each provide the "fixings". The host collects $2 from each person at his table and goes to the kitchen's serving area for a big platter of ham. To say the least we were all stuffed. There were 10 tables of 10-12 people at each table. Back at the mh we kicked back in the lawn chairs and let the meal digest. A nap was in order.

Wednesday we drove to Brandon, a suburb of Tampa to see Donna's Uncle George. He will be 88 on Jan. 31. We had a nice visit with him and while there Bob hooked up his DVD player and we taught him how to switch back and forth between DVD, VCR & TV.
We then all went out to lunch at Applebee's. After leaving him we went to Costco for some grocery shopping and Compusa before heading back to Bushnell. Traffic was snarled at the I75 & I4 intersection so we hopped off and went the back way up 301. All the more reason to stay out in the deserts of southern AZ & CA.

Thursday is moving day. Got to keep those wheels round and not let them get flat sitting to long. Heading to Titusville with our single friends for the New Year's holiday.


roamingbarbara said...

Laundry on Christmas?!? Tsk, tsk. What's next? Vacuuming on New Years?

Happy Holidays!!!

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

Of course, Now I WILL have to vacuum on New Year's Day.