Sunday, December 09, 2007

Florida at LAST "The Panhandle"

We arrived in Florida thru Pensacola and followed Rt 98 along the panhandle's coast. For what seemed like 100 miles it was mostly city driving at speeds of 35-45 mph. Occasionally a mile or two of 55. (The reason the LAST is capitalized in the title of this blog is after all this traffic we have no intention of ever returning to Florida).

We intended to stay at the Elk's Lodge on the waterfront at the marina in Panama City but they were having a private party in the evening and they needed every bit of parking so we then opted for the Moose Lodge. We got settled in, a dinner at the Olive Garden nearby and we were off to the Marina to view the Christmas Boat parade. Sorry no pictures. They didn't turn out but it was a beautiful sight. Back at the Lodge there was karaoke. While we don't sing we love to listen, dance and visit with the locals.

Sunday we drove to Donna's favorite Florida campground. Ho Hum at Carrabelle.

The site we have is facing the water on the end of the front row. No neighbors so we have a 180 degree view of the shoreline. We sat out and watched the sandpipers and pelicans. The dolphins were a no-show. Fishing can be good off the pier but didn't seem to be today. Donna's friends are no longer here except for one who lives in a stick built across the street. We went to dinner at Pirate and had a huge flounder meal.

We lazed around all morning and Gloria, Donna's friend, stopped by. Washed windows in and out so we could really see the view. Took a stroll along the beach, too. In the evening it we went to the American Legion. No dinner there but they recommended Carol's for AUCE shrimp so away we went.

Tuesday morning we woke to the sunrise,
heavy dew all over those clean window. Heading to Lake City today to get some work done on our solar system.

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roamingbarbara said...

What do you mean you don't sing!?!? Gosh that is some campground and love the sunrise picture. Miss you guys.