Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We left Hot Springs on Monday and drove to Vicksburg. Planned to stay at a casino so headed north toward them off of I20. Changed our plans and asked "Susie" our GPS to find the Elk's lodge. She headed us straight thru the historic old town district with it's narrow streets. Got to where she said it was and it wasn't. Checked the Elk's map and it was south of I20. Got to the southside and couldn't find it. By this time we were into construction. Stopped at a business and Bob went in and asked and we had to retrace our steps. Finally found it and decided we didn't need to unhitch the car and go gamble. Kicked back after Donna made dinner and watched TV.

We drove on Tuesday to Summerdale, AL and to the SKP Rainbow Plantation. We opted to boondock for $5 a night. Got here just in time to go to the social hour where we again met up with fellow WIN Carol Swatke.

Afterwards we went to Foley to have dinner at Lambert's Cafe. "Home of the Throwed rolls".
It is a unique restaurant and just has to be experienced. We each chose an entree that comes with two vegetables. Bob got 2 pork chops and I got two slices of meatloaf. Then the potlickers start to come. They are brought in a big cookpot by roving waiters and offered to the diners. First there is fried okra, followed by macaroni and tomatoes, black-eyed peas, fried potatoes and sorgum & applebutter for the rolls which if you want a huge roll when "hot rolls" is hollared you put up your hand and they throw them at you. Everyone eats the potlickers and takes home their dinner so we did too. Never touched the meal so that is leftovers for another night. And we were stuffed. All for the price of $30 with tip we feel we have a total of 6 meals. Now how can one cook that cheaply.

Wednesday we went to Foley where Bob located a walk in clinic and saw a doctor for an exam and blood work. We then went shopping....Camping World, thrift stores, Vanity Fair Outlet (wow did we fill our closets now) and finally Walmart. Back at home we had the leftovers from last nights dinner. In the evening we went to the clubhouse and played Mexican Train. A nice full day.

Thursday we took off for Pensacola on a day trip and saw the fabulous Naval Air Museum.

Bob watching the Bob Hope Show

The museum is FREE, however, we wanted to see 2 of the IMAX movies so that cost us old foggies $12 each. One was the Magic of Flight and we rode along with the Blue Angles as they learned and performed. The other was Hurricane in the Bayou. It was about the effects of Katrina both before and after. Wow, were they ever devastated. Seeing it on the big screen instead of a tv screen really made us aware of what we have done to our wetlands and the results of it.

On leaving there we took the shore road back to Gulf Shores. One huge condo development after another for miles and miles. Donna was glad to have seen it 6 years ago when there was still views of the sand and sea. Dinner out again at the Shrimp Basket. Recommended by people here at the park and it was worthy.

Friday was chore day. Donna vacuumed the car and the mh and did laundry while Bob installed the macerator and lubed the steps. Then it was kick back time until we ran to town for some errands. Home for more leftovers from Lamberts. Then in the evening we went dancing at the American Legion.

Left Saturday for Florida.....keep looking.


roamingbarbara said...

Wasn't Lamberts a hoot? And now we know where Carol is too. What fun.

ken said...

I also had a difficult time finding the Elks Lodge in Vicksburg. Not a lot of activity at the lodge but on Sunday we had a p[arty and I got a stiff neck trying to watch my beloved Patriots and Red Sox at the same time at opposite emds of the bar. They both won!!! Am at the Plantation freezing right now. Christmas and New Years parties were great.