Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lake Ouchita & Hot Springs

After settling in we worked on the computers. ie did the blog and played games, browsed the web and did online banking. Then we drove to Hot Springs Village, located Gayle, Bob's sister who has been helping out in a flower shop while the owner is recovering from surgery. Made arrangements to meet for dinner, then Bob was the tour guide of the village where he once lived. Wow, is that a big place. After dinner at El Acupulco we went back to Gayle's home for a visit.

Saturday is telephone day with the cell phones. So since we barely have a signal here and I was cleaning and found the Wilson antenae under the couch, Bob installed it and we went from no signal to 3 bars on Donna's Verizon. Bob's cell doesn't have an adapter. The afternoon was spent with Gayle. She came out to see our home and then we went to the country club for lunch. "A hamburger stand". We also went to a rock shop and saw the Gallery where they had beautiful rocks on display. One was priced at $150,000. I told Bob not to get near it. We drove around the "village" again before going back to the lake.

Sunday looked gloomy and rainy but we went into Gayle's then to Hot Springs. We went to her favorite BBQ place. A dumpy looking place but good food. We then walked down Bathhouse Row.

One side of the main street for about a mile is National Park Bathhouses. The other side of the street is tourist type shops. We went into the Arlington Hotel where Pres. Clinton stays when he's in town. They had a fablous ginger bread house in the lobby.

We then went to The Last Chance restaurant on a lake in the "Village" to end our day and time with Gayle.

Monday we woke to freezing temperatures and sunshine. A great day to head south.

We have added a link to our site called Hitchitch. You will find many other peoples and friends blogs on their travels Here.


roamingbarbara said...

Well, now I'm lost. Where is Hot Springs NP? I guess we missed that.

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

It IS downtown Hot Springs. The old bathhouses.