Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lake Panasoffskee Singles Gathering Week 1

We moved to Lake Panasoffskee Moose Lodge. After settling in we went to Christy's for circle and to find out what's happening. There are 2-3 events each week plus dancing, dining and socializing. Last year her gathering had 114 attendees. After dinner (Donna cooked-WOW) we went to a mixer at the community building. Great dancing even with the arthritis hitting both of us. We both are trying to shed pounds gained this past year so forced ourselves to dance, dance, dance. There are several of the singles that were at Titusville plus Nancy Boehn from our Win's out west.

Saturday was spent doing chores at the MH after the morning coffee at Christy's and breakfast with Nancy at Mo's. Bob fixed a drawer under the dinette seat, a water leak in the outside shower, the plug in the bathroom sink that just needed cleaned to make it work and installed our small inverter so we could clean up the front dashboard area. After the 4pm social at Christy's we went to dinner at Weredahekmiat for prime rib. 10 of us went then a few of us went to the VFW for karaoke and dancing.

Sunday we met at the Moose Lodge for breakfast. In the afternoon Dutch and Louie came by for a visit and to see our motorhome.

We just kicked back the rest of the day.

Monday was our day to do research for the group's kayaking trip. We first stopped at Dunellon and checked out kayaking on the Withlacoochie and Rainbow rivers up to the Springs. Then after a brief stop at Lake Rousseau to see Judy & Doug, Bertha, Pinkie and Mac we headed to Crystal River. A light lunch at Charlie's then onto 2 other kayaking outfitter's. We stopped both at Inverness and Crystal River Driver's License bureaus so Bob could become a Floridian but the states computer's were down. Back home the cook didn't show up for Mexican night at the Moose Lodge so Donna warmed up a leftover mexican dinner and we watch tv the rest of the night.

Tuesday.....what can I say about Tuesday. Bob got the itch to do some rewiring.Our living room was stacked with his clothes and the bed was stacked with tv, internet equipment, vcr, dvd, tools and lots of other stuff. When all put back together we can now watch tv in the bedroom without going thru the radio. Power strips added so each piece of equipment can be shut off and we won't be losing phantom power when not using it. Dutch and Louie came by during all this mess. Bob had a break. I then went to circle and advised the group about the kayaking. In the evening we went over to the Moose where we found a few of our group there for hamburger night.

Bob completed his wiring activites and a few other chores. We then went to Inverness in the afternoon and he became a Floridian. Finally got his new driver's license. We killed time by going to Fort Cooper State Park. Very old natural Florida.
Then met the group (18) of us all together for 2 for 1 farjitas and margaurita's at Frankie's Grill.

Thursday we went to coffee at Christy's where she had a couple of rv repair people come to answer questions from batteries, solar, to tires etc. Bob has been bugged by a phantom load on our solar system so he questioned them. They came out and went over things and found that our newly installed meter is not accurate. He called the manufacturer and they agreed to replace the meter and pay them to do it. We then found we had a tire going flat so we went into Inverness and had it repaired and the tires rotated. We stopped on our way home at Wildwood to get a new Wilson antenae to work on my phone so we have cell service when we are not near enough to towers. After a shrimp dinner at Catfish Johnnies we spent the evening watching tv.

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roamingbarbara said...

I guess that burst of home-cooking didn't last. But it all sounds so delicious! That was funny about the rewiring - I can just picture it.