Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lake Panasoffskee Singles Gathering Week 2

We were asked in our last posting's comment's when we were coming home. Barbara have you forgotten we are home. It is where we park it. As to when we will be returning west? How to you shrug in letters. Plans are always in jello. May return around Thanksgiving but don't hold us to what year.

Friday Jan 11th. Bob installed our Wilson antennae today. He put it on the crank up tv antennae so that we won't destroy it when going under bridges or trees like what happened to our last one. Went from 0 to 3 bars on the cell phone. I did our semi-monthly laundry. After all our chores were done we went to Christy's for the 4 o'clock circle then we all went to the VFW for shrimp dinner and a live country band. Around 8 we all shifted to the Moose Lodge for karaoke and dancing.

Saturday we went over toward Leesburg and visited Linda and Roger. Donna met them 10 years ago. We had a wonderful visit. Roger was in the film industry and told us an interesting tale of the filming of the car ad where the car was on top of a very narrow mesa near Moab, UT. The car was just a shell, the model was afraid of heights so there was someone on the floor of the car to hold her hand and comfort her. The winds kicked up after the photo shoot and they could not bring them or the car down until the next morning. Wow. Back home we went across the street and met and visited Nolan and Joanne who have a datastorm internet dish and saw we were nearby and contacted us. We then went to the lodge for dinner. The music was too loud for us to stay so we spent the evening at home.

We met Nolan and Joanne for breakfast at the Moose Lodge. Plans to go to the Manatee Festival at Crystal River were dampened by rain so we worked on the computer doing the "Year in Review" blog. Dale Rice arrived as our neighbor, a western WIN friend. Late afternoon's circle was at Christy's and dancing at a Blueberry Hill RV park in Bushnell.

Monday the sun shone and it was get out of the motorhome time. Bob actually dragged out the lawn chairs and sat and visited with the neighbors while I finished some sewing. We then went to Bushnell and visited Keith and Freida from Ottawa and Hutch and Marion from NC. Both couples were neighbors of Donna's in years past. In fact, Marion reminded me that I had introduced them, saying they would be a good couple. Should I hang out a matchmaking shingle.

Tuesday while Bob worked on the computer organizing a gazillion pictures we've taken this past year, I went to Bushnell and looked up more old friends. Back at LP we went to Catfish Johnnies where the group went for lunch and a jam session. We decided not to go into the jam as it was just sitting and listening. We like to dance. So after lunch we went to Wally's and bought a new camera, Donna's broke and Bob's wasn't doing much better. We went to social hour, the group had expanded, then a few of us went to the Moose for hamburgers.

Wednesday was my day to organize my gazillion pictures in the afternoon. In the morning we took a fantastic but cold airboat ride
on Lake Panasoffskee and the surrounding swamp lands.
No alligators as it was too cold and no sunshine but there were 10,000's of birds.

After circle we went to Werdahekemiat restaurant for early dinner.

Thursday we went to Davenport to see Gary, a friend we met in Yuma 2 years ago. He has flown in from Minnasota. Gary was touring with his father Jerry Allen, who was a WIN. Jerry has since passed away and is missed by his many WIN friends. We went to John McBeath's where the group had gone for lunch after seeing Gatorland but they were just leaving. We stopped for lunch and at a Compusa that is going out of business before coming home. Spent a little time at the Moose lodge before coming home.

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