Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lake Panasoffskee Singles Gathering Week 3

Friday we packed up the rv and drove across the street to an rv park to dump. Cost $5. So our 3 week stay amounts to $80. Can't find that in an rv park. Back at the Moose we setup again. Only takes about 10-15 minutes and we can sit down and play with the computers again. My mail arrived and Bob's didn't. But he did get a fantastic fan replacement from the factory FREE and installed it. Our rain sensor didn't work. We went over to the Moose for fish dinner and a long table was filled with our friends. They went dancing after but our aches and pains are getting worse with all this humidity and cold so we stayed home and watched tv.

Saturday we went to the lodge for a great breakfast, then because it threatening rain for the Willie Nelson concert at Silver Springs we opted to go the the largest rv show in the country at Tampa. We saw a lot of the vendors there we were interested in and then went to an Apple's Store before heading home. We stopped at Bushnell to see Donna's cousin Phil and his wife, Ann who had just arrived from NY. Invited them to steak dinner at the lodge but before they could come we had a horrendous thunderstorm with tornado warnings so they opted to visit us tomorrow. We didn't even get a break to walk over for dinner until 6:45. After dinner we went to the VFW to dance as the music is played too loud at the Moose.

Sunday after breakfast at the Lodge we tried working on new computer programs. I needed new address labels so Bob downloaded a office program but it had no label template. Then we loaded in the Spanish lessons and played around with it. It will take work but we have a year before our hopeful planned trip to mainland Mexico to pick up a few words.
After circle at Christy's a bunch of us went to dinner at Werdahecmiat then it was home to watch tv after it warmed up and we had a nightcap at the lodge.

Monday we went to Homassas Springs and Crystal River. We opted to put our kayaks in at Crystal River on a canal system near 3 Sisters Springs to go see the Manatees. Tide was out and it was tough going in places but we spent about 20 minutes watching a momma and baby manatee.
A film crew from Japan were filming and there were a few of them in wet suits with the manatees.
On the way back we hit a low tide spot and each paddle movement flipped slime onto us. YUCK.

We then went to Margarita Grill where the others were an hour ahead of us when we joined them. The margarita's were flowing.

Back at the mh Donna's cousin Phil and Ann joined us for a nice visit
then we went to Catfish Johnnie's for dinner.

Tuesday was a fantastic day. The sun was out and Bob and I had arranged the kayaking trip for the singles group. 8 of us went to Dunnellon and launched. We went a short way up the Withlachoochi River and then onto the Rainbow River. It goes to Rainbow Springs 6 miles up river. We ran out of time before reaching the springs but the water flowing in the river was crystal clear. We could look down about 15 feet. We didn't see any alligators or manatees, however the birds were about.

That is an anhinga sunning himself.
Trees filled with nests, babies being fed.
Tons of turtles lined up piggyback style sunning themselves.
It was a pleasant paddle and we were all glad to be on the river "Cruising down the river on a Tuesday afternoon".

Back at the mh Tom the repairman came by an exchanged out the defective battery monitor kit that we had installed last month. We then stopped by Floralow to say goodbye to Jamie and over to my cousin Phil's social hour and for dinner with them at BeefoBrady's.

Our last day with the Singles Gathering at Lake Panasoffskee was spent at Hudson's Show Palace for the dinner theater performance of "The Full Monty".
We had a buffet lunch then watch the show which was about 6 unemployed workers in Buffalo,NY who were so despite for work that they decided to become male stripper's ala the Chippendales. It was truly funny and ended with them all doing the full monty (naked). Of course, they were back lighted with very bright lights so all we saw was a silhouette. After the show we drove to Port Ritchey to see Donna's friends Darlene Planick and her husband George.

Our next stop is to Lazy Days Rally Park in Tampa for a Discover Owners rally. Keep in touch


Randy & Diana said...

Just how many friends does Donna have???? She must send out hundreds of Christmas cards!

Looks like a great gathering. Miss you guys!

Bob Parker & Donna Huffer said...

No Christmas cards, no presents. Just lots of friends.

roamingbarbara said...

Christy must be doing some remodeling. Aren't the manatees the best? We kayaked in Homosassa and they were swimming under us. I was worried one might decide to surface right when it was under me.

Sounds like lots of fun.

Hugs from Quartzsite!