Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rally at Lazy Days

Thursday we relocated to the Lazy Days Rally Park near Tampa for the Discovery Owners rally.
After we set up my friend Barbara and her sister came by to visit. We did the Lewis and Clark Trail with the Single International FMCA group in the summer of 2004. It was great seeing her again. We then went to the clubhouse just a few sites away from us for the first-time attendees orientation and then for a pizza party and jazz music. We were adopted by Pete and Alice Pazzano. Had a nice time but an early evening to recovery from our busy days the last few days.

Friday we went to Lazy Day's Cafe for breakfast, went to service to check on the monitor to be replaced in February, looked at a 42' Discovery (wasted space) KIS, keep it small. Back over at lunch time to the Cafe. Bob attended a Freightliner seminar in the afternoon. In the evening we had a roast beef dinner at the clubhouse and then a Las Vegas revue with Ruby Tuesday and her partner. They did impressions of all the great singers. Bob got to snuggle in Dolly Parden's boobs and I got to hug Elvis. He really isn't dead. Bob also was lucky and won the 50-50 drawings second prize of $100. Earlier in the day he just missed a prize at Camping World by 1 number. Maybe he should start playing Powerball?

Saturday after breakfast at LD cafe I went to a ladies round table where we solved the problems of our motorhomes. Then I picked up my uncle George and brought him over for a visit and to see our home. We all went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. After we took him home we went shopping at Radio Shack and Verizon. Home for the evening. Nobody seems to gather for cards or anything so it's catch up on "cable tv".

Sunday morning we went to the Rivoli worship service. I saw them first at the Tampa RV show 4 years ago and it seemed that she was talking directly to me about my life and lifestyle. They sing songs she has written and a lot of them deal with being on the road like we are. I told her about how Bob and I met and she has a song on her CD that covers that. We went back to the stores we went to yesterday to return things and shop some more at Costco. In the evening there was a rib and chicken dinner and the Rivoli revue. One of the songs is titled "Press One for English". It brought down the house with a standing ovation. To check it out click on the link. Bob bought 4 of their CD's and we got a video free. Most of the songs are parodies with the words changed to reflect the rving lifestyle.

Monday morning Bob went to a seminar and I did laundry. Out to Bob Evans for lunch then Bob went to another seminar (the lecturer didn't show) while I made arrangements for us to stay on 2 more days for part of the Fleetwood Rally. The best thing is we won't have to relocate within the rally park. While here we are having our dinette seats reupholstered. The fabric was show major signs of wear and we are getting vinyl to match our couch and front seats. The evening event was a spaghetti dinner followed by Bluegrass music.

Tuesday we went to breakfast and lunch at the Lazy Days Cafe. Afterwards we made a run to get a few groceries. We went to the Walmart Supercenter, it is near my Uncle's so we bought him a small birthday cake then took it to him for a short visit and to wish him "Happy Birthday". Back at the park we went to social hour and dinner. The evenings entertainment was dancing to the music of Mitch & Diane. Lots of slow ones and 50's music. The dance floor was crowded.

Wednesday, our last day at Rally Park. We chose to eat breakfast at home as Bob had an early seminar to attend. I went to the Fleetwood trailer and arranged for them to come to our rig and take care of a few minor problems. I didn't think they would get to us before we left but 2 guys came and adjusted our day/night shades so they don't go up crooked, switched out a locking mechanism so we can unlock the door manually and not just with the switch, then changed out the propane ignitor on our hot water tank so it will start the first time and not the 4th time. Just after they were done Wade RV returned with our dinette seat cushions which we had reupholstered. Done it in 2 days. Afternoon social was to be at the rv sites instead of at the clubhouse so we set out our 6 chairs and invited our neighbors to join us. Up at the clubhouse we had a delicious ham dinner then a comedy act followed.

We went to LD for breakfast. On our way out the door I spotted a couple from the back whose t-shirt said OHIO Farmer. I asked where in Ohio. He turned and said Salem, where we are from, then the wife turned.....I had worked with her at the hospital. Say HI to Lola and Ed.
Small world isn't it. We then hitched up and headed to Brooksville for another SI rally.

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roamingbarbara said...

Sounds like everything worked out perfectly. New upholstery, minor repairs and, of course, more friends and relatives.