Friday, February 01, 2008

SI's Pre-Pre Rally

We are members of FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) and a sub-chapter called Single's International (SI). Even though we are a couple we are allowed to participate in their events as we are still single and have made many friends through the years and the other single organizations we belong to. We are attending rallies the next 11 days. The first is a Pre-pre rally held at the Sand Hill Scout Reservation near Brooksville, on Sunday morning we will caravan in with 50 or so rigs to the Hernando County Airport for our Pre-rally period for the main SEA (Southeast area) FMCA rally which will official start on Wednesday. With that explained I will get on with our blog.

We left Lazydays and took I75 north to Rt 50. We stopped at a Flying J for propane and put $100 of fuel in. Diesel was $3.29 and propane $2.79 for those who are interested in cost comparison from other parts of the US. When we passed thru Brooksville our friend Patrice was sitting along side of the road waiting for us to lead her into the scout camp. We blasted her with our airhorn and she followed. We chose to dry camp on the edge of the area we are parked at so we have a nice view of an open field on one side. Ours is the second motorhome on the edge.
Circle was at 4 where about 35 or 40 of us gathered and made introductions. We chose to eat in for a change and had a delicious steak dinner then kicked back and relaxed.

Friday started with a delicious biscuits and sausage gravy breakfast with the group at the new clubhouse. We then went into Walmart to get Bob's prescription refilled and a few other things. Stopped at the American Legion for lunch. We sat with a local couple and told them about our lifestyle. He is retired and she will be in a few months. Not liking the high taxes on their house in FL they were hugely interested in the particulars of our lifestyle. We may be seeing them down the road someday. Back at camp there was a business meeting for our chapter. An afternoon of playing Monopoly was followed by a spaghetti dinner. Our numbers have swelled so we really fill the clubhouse. We went into town to the movies but we arrived late and there was a long line at the ticket counter so we went to the Moose Lodge instead. Arrived just as a band was starting to play. Danced the evening away. Invited another couple to sit with us and low and behold
Chuck and Terry Traina were just married today. God Bless them.

Saturday was a FANTASTIC day. We went kayaking at Homassasa Springs with the manatees. The weather was perfect, sunny, high 70's and no wind. Patrice and Geri went with us. It was awesome. Couldn't count the manatees as they swam by but at any given time we could see 4-6 around us or under us. One came up under Geri's kayak and she rocked and rolled but thank goodness didn't flip. A momma and baby manatee came real close. We spent a couple of hours there.
Back on shore we had lunch at the Tiki Bar where we launched, Seagrass Pub and Grill. After loading the kayaks on the roofs we headed down to Margarita Grill for the HUGE margaritas. Back home we sat out and visited then went for a roast pork dinner at the clubhouse. Numbers were passed out for our convoy. We are 33 of 42 rigs. We start to line up at 6:30 and leave here at 7:30 under sheriff escort. It will be hard to get up that early.

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That is a GREAT picture of the manatee looking right at you!