Monday, February 04, 2008

SEA Brooksville FMCA Rally

Sunday 2/3. Our caravan of 42 rigs and 6 cars moved into the rally on a very foggy morning. It was a 12 mile drive under sheriff's escort. Thru red lights and stop signs. Bob drove the motorhome and Donna drove the car. Can you find our rig among the 1600 or so rigs here.
We got set up then Donna drove Patrice back to the scout camp to get her car. Patrice and us went to a German restaurant for a late lunch. The rest of the day was spent cleaning out the car, reorganizing it and then sitting and visiting. Early bedtime from the 5:45 am wakeup.

Monday morning we had a visit from Carolyn and Jerry Hornor. Friends of Donna's, of course. Carolyn was the newsletter editor for the Traveling Threads group that Donna formed thru the Escapees. We then went to the post office only t0 discover our mail had been delivered to the post office tent set up at the rally. After going thru it, we sat out and visited, had social hour with the group and back at the motorhome Bonnie and Vance dropped by. More friends of Donna. They had helped her and her husband move into their first motorhome 6 years ago. We had a late dinner at Applebee's and a stop at Walmart before coming home.

Tuesday morning was spent visiting with Carolyn and Jerry and after lunch Bob attended a seminar on fire's in rv's. I checked out the craft classes, zippo on that so came home and read all afternoon. We had a pizza party at social hour then karaoke in the evening. We then played monopoly.

Wednesday after free donuts and coffee, Bob visited the vendors while I went to the Sandhill chapter of Embroidery's Guild of American with Carolyn. We both were members here in the past. It was great seeing old friends and we had three lessons taught at round tables. After the afternoon SI social we joined Carolyn and Jerry for dinner in town then to the evenings entertainment. It was the Rivoli's whom we had seen at the rally at Lazy Days. Their song "Press One for English" again caused a standing ovation. Go to the link we previously posted if you have not seen in on YouTube. They have had over 6 million hits on that song alone. Carolyn and Jerry stopped in for a nice long visit after the show.

Thursday we volunteered to man the "Where's it at" booth for two hours. Gave directions to people on the various seminars and vendors. It was fun. We got a sausage sandwich afterwards then hustled off to the Mexico seminar. Back home we watched the launch of the shuttle on TV then went outside to see if we could see it. Unfortunately we were under too many clouds. Are we back in Ohio? Our group participated in the parade. Bob and I road in a car. We blasted marching music. I was waving my arms like a conductor and it was like the "wave" watching the people on the sidelines start to wave also. We threw candy to them. The parade ended at the Lazydays display area and they had hot dogs, beans, slaw and a drink for all the participants and volunteers. Kicked back and rested then headed to the show but it was cancelled because of electrical problems. Quiet evening at home if you tune out the generator noise all around us.

Friday I went to cooking class for the convection oven. Maybe I can use it sometime. While I was gone the crew came to wash the motorhome. Bob was impressed. 3 guys worked on it and after they left Bob waxed 2 sides of it. He has decided to remove the "bra" from the front of it as it is starting to wear away the paint. Ice cream social, then a walk thru the vendor tent. Social hour was followed by dinner with Carolyn and Jerry at the Red Mule. We then went to the Moose Lodge for dancing.

Saturday, the last day of the rally. I went to two seminars while Bob stayed home and worked on the computer. We then went to the big tent and shopped the vendors one last time. Got a couple of free stay vouchers, some cleaning products and a cellphone hook thingy. Had a bite to eat and visited with people at the picnic table. After social we went into town for dinner with Al and Beverly (SI's) then over to the Moose Lodge for their Valentine dance.

Sunday we went into town for breakfast and Wallyworld. When we got back the lines were still long for the dump station and leaving so we decided to stay over 1 more night. Bob worked a little on waxing the shady side while I rested and treated an itchy, watering eye problem. Patrice visited then we kicked back and watched TV. Moving in the morning.

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roamingbarbara said...

Interesting post, as always. So bras are not a good idea, huh? Good to know. LOL