Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Moving South/Ruskin

Monday Feb 11, We moved further south. After dumping and taking on water we said our goodbyes to Patrice and headed south to Ruskin. Stopped at the Elk's Lodge and they welcomed us to stay. After settling in we headed to Bradenton and saw Micky and Jack. Donna and Micky grew up together in Henderson Harbor, NY. It was catch up time. Jack had to go to work so the 3 of us went to Anna Marie Island to Coquino Beach for a little beach time. It was hot so we drove around looking at all the houses. Wall to Wall. Back home Donna cooked supper and it was relax time. Bob made a few phone calls to arrange meeting his nephew on Wednesday.

Tuesday we did laundry then back at the mh found out via email that Bob's old neighbors are just about 11 miles south of us. He called and they came up for a visit.
Jim and Vickie.
We went over to the jam session at the lodge. Donna made dinner. Shrimp stir-fry. It was delicious. Now don't get to thinking she is getting domestic. Thawed out frozen shrimp and put them with a bag of stir-fry from the grocery store.

Wednesday. Today was BOB'S FRIENDS DAY. Yes, he has friends. We first went over to Little Manatee State Park for a visit with Al and Lynn.
Bob met them in Maine and they got him interested in kayaking. The weather forecast was a bit iffy but it finally looked good enough for a paddle. We went up river on the Little Manatee for about 1.5 miles. It was clouding over so started back. We got a little sprinkled on but it was still a nice paddle. We invited them to the spaghetti dinner at the Elk's Lodge along with Jim and Vickie. They brought Clarence and Jane, other neighbors of Bob's in the Salem area. Also Bob's nephew Scott and his wife Megan. After a delicious meal we all came back to the motorhome as it was too noisy to visit in the lodge. We had 10 of us in the motorhome and had a wonderful time.

Happy Valentines Day

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm so glad that Bob has friends (and relatives, too!) I hope your Valentines day was lovely. I don't know where the Little Manatee is - I'll have to look it up.

Take care,