Saturday, March 08, 2008

Everglades National Park

March 8. We moved 180 miles today. A long drive for us but we split it. Bob got to drive the west side of Lake Okeechobee in heavy side winds. Then we stopped at Walmart in Clewiston to take on groceries as we won't be near restaurants. I drove the rest of the way and we arrived at a beautiful site overlooking this lake at the Long Pine Key campground in the Everglades National Park. Took a walk after dinner and met some of our neighbors.

Sunday was a cool, windy day. We went to the Visitor Center and into town for fuel for the car. $3.21 at Walmart with the 3 cents off. We drove to the Coral Castle but after seeing the outside of it didn't think it was worth the money to tour it. We were going to walk the Anhinga trail but there were too many people. Back home we finished the jig-saw puzzle

we have been working on then we made dinner. Relaxing afternoon after 2 days of long drives.

Monday we drove to Flamingo. It is 38 miles from the entrance of the park. The terrain starts out with slash pine forests, opens up to miles and miles of sawgrass with occasional hammock with trees, goes thru a dwarf cypress tree forest and then into heavy vegetation with mangrove, mahogany and palm trees. We drove to the campground to check it out. The best sites with a view of Florida Bay are tent sites. The rv sites are pullthru's but no views. We took a hike around Eco Pond. The drought really shows here. Saw a few birds.
After a picnic lunch overlooking the bay we went to the Marina and took a boat ride up the canal into Coot Lake thru Talon Creek into a waterway that goes clear to Everglade City. It was amazing how the boat driver could spot snakes along the bank in the tree roots and branches. At the marina area there were lots of crocodiles.

Some were huge and others just 2 feet long. On our drive home we stopped at Mahogany Hammock for a walk thru a jungle like setting. Heard a bird sound and discovered a baby owl. A long day topped off with dinner and tv. We set the alarm for 2:20 am to watch the night launch but again too much cloud cover to see it.

Tuesday morning we walked the Anhinga Trail for 2 hours enjoying all the wildlife. Enjoy the pictures....we enjoyed taking them. Mother cormerant feeding a baby.

Click the Flicker slideshow on the left to see more.

Wednesday was stay at home. Bob worked on installing a new trigabyte hard drive/router for the computers while I planned our summer trip to Newfoundland. We went into town late afternoon for Bob's prescription refill and dinner. Back home we sat outside enjoying the peace and quiet (except for the generator).

Thursday is moving day. We are heading to the Keys and hope we can find an inexpensive place to stay.

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Barbara and Ron said...

So that white one was a baby cormorant? I never saw one! How cool.

When we went to the Keys, we stayed at the Moose Lodge in Key Largo. They were very nice and have two spots where they park people - one on each side of the building. However! The lodge sits between the north and south bound sides of route 1! Had to be the noisiest spot I ever stayed. Depends how desperate you are. Good luck.