Friday, March 07, 2008


March 6th. We moved to the Moose Lodge at Okeechobee on the north side of the Big Lake. Checked out the town, got mail for our Thousand Trails transfer and then relaxed the rest of the day. I even got out my embroidery and started a new project while Bob finished a book.

Friday we got the rest of my mail and then drove down the east side of Lake Okeechobee

until we got to I75. We were going to check out the Elk's Lodge at Plantation but couldn't find it. By this time Bob had enough of city driving so instead of going along the coastline we headed east on I75 thru the Everglades and miles of sawgrass. Then the back roads thru the Seminole reservation. Long lines of traffic going to a festival. A Music festival where 35,000 were gathering in rv's, tents and whatever. Bob counted 4 stages as we drove by continuing north to Clewiston. We found a Tiki Bar on a canal by the lock and had a nacho lunch. We then drove up the west side of the big lake, past huge acreage of sugar cane.

Arriving home,we visited with the neighbors then drove 4 miles up the road to the Eagles Aarie for a delicious steak dinner. The Moose was having Bingo, no dinner. Back home again to watch TV and do our computer thing.

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