Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lake Placid and Murals

We left "home" today and had a long drive of 39 miles to the Elk's Lodge at Lake Placid. After parking but not setting up we headed to town-1/2 mile away to look at the murals of the town. There are 41 murals and we only missed seeing two of them. Some have sounds emitting from them and others have hidden or missing items to look for. It is sort of a scavenger hunt. We had a ball. We finished the afternoon with a couple of drinks at the lodge and visiting with the locals. Here are the pictures of some of the murals.

Tomorrow we move another 40 miles to Okeechobee.


Diana said...

Wow, gorgeous shots! Would love to see the murals in person some day.

Barbara and Ron said...

Soooo cool! Very interesting post. We're going to have to return to Florida to see all the things we missed!