Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The SKP Resort (our real home)

2/27 You all didn't know we have a real home, did you? Well every fulltimer has to have a residence even if they are never there. 10 years ago this park became Donna's legal address for domicile. No, we don't own anything but a friend has let us use her address so wa-la we are home. Where? It is an Escapee Park in Zolfo Springs. Florida. We arrived here this morning and parked in the dry camp area.
Got to see several people I knew here when I came with my husband. Lots of friends are no longer here. There was a social hour at 4 where we introduced ourselves as having just arrived. In the evening we went to the clubhouse and played dominoes.

Bob worked hard the next day. He mounted the new TV in the bedroom creating a huge storage area behind it which we then filled with stuff from under the bed. Mostly Donna's embroidery things which were replaced with Bob's electrical stuff. Then he took the old TV and mounted it in the outside storage bay where there had been a TV which we had removed when we purchased the motorhome. Relocated a few things that had been stored there. Now it was near dinner time and we both were too tired to cook the hot sausage sandwiches I had gotten out so we went to Pioneer Restaurant 2 miles away. A huge crowd waiting and we got to talking with a couple, Pattie and Ray, who are vendors at the Pioneer Days across the street. I jokingly said if they get a table for 4 they should invited us to sit with them, which they did. We had a very enjoyable visit and great food. Back at the park Bob ran in to tell our friends we were too tired to play cards but they convinced him to come and we had a great time playing cards with Sandy, Clare, Donna and Ted.

Friday we ran to Walmart for a few groceries then we went to Pioneer Days at the park. It was mostly a flea market with some steam engines thrown in. We stopped by Pattie and Ray's booth and Donna bought two popcorn blouses with Bob's opinion thrown in. He bought some nylon rope and light bulbs for the tail light. Then we had to try a Cuban, a sandwich that has been smashed flat. It was good. Back at the motorhome we got out the atlases and planned our southern Florida and spring trip up to Ohio. It sounds so exciting you will have to travel with us. Bob made a delicious spaghetti dinner altho I was expecting his famous hot sausage sandwich. But that will be another night.

Saturday we drove to Arcadia to meet Mike and Carol. Mike worked with Bob. We all went into town to a Mexican restaurant. REAL Mexican. There were only Hispanic's there. We felt we were back in Algadones. On our way back home we stopped at the Thousand Trails park here where Jim and Vicky had relocated to for their free stay. Walked down to the Peace River to check out if the water was high enough for a kayak trip. Didn't look like it. They followed us back to our park so they could see what an Escapee Park was like. After dinner (leftovers) we went to the clubhouse and played dominoes.

Sunday Bob modified our fantastic fan screens so just a twist of 3 clips we can remove it to clean. Before we had to remove 8 screws. Needless to say our screens were dirty. In the afternoon we joined Jim and Vicki on a trip to Solomen's Castle. This one man built the castle in the swamp lands of Florida and we captured his picture. Be sure to check out his site and if in the area go. The tour guides give a very amusing presentation of all of his work. This is Evil Kornevil's motorcyle. It is made from a corn seed planter part.

This is his "picture window". Notice the cameras.

We ate lunch there at the "Boat in the Moat that does not Float" restaurant. It was one of the touristy things we are doing for Bob who is playing Tourist on this trip to Florida. The evening was spent relaxing and watching TV. In a morning phone call my granddaughter (age 7) complained there weren't many pictures of grandma (who is behind the camera) so Carson, I hope this one helps.

Monday we went out to breakfast and sat with a nice couple. After running errands, I went to visit 4 ladies that I had met when I spent 6 winters here in Florida. Bob stayed home and read a book and cooked dinner. The hot sausage sandwich dinner. In the evening Vicki and Jim came by for a visit. Vicki bought all of Bob's fishing gear. Wow, more room in the bays that will probably be filled.

Tuesday was a day of rest. We didn't do anything but visit with the neighbors, say goodby to friends as we are leaving in the morning and read or do the jigsaw puzzle.


Barbara and Ron said...

I never heard of Solomen's Castle - it looks interesting. I guess it's somewhere near Zolfo Springs. Hey, if Bob sold all his fishing equipment, what will he do with all his spare time? I did finally break down and start a blog as you can see. I couldn't resist when Ron and I got a Verizon air card.

Barbara and Ron said...

By the way, Ron is very impressed with your hinged TV mount. He's looking at ours now. :-)