Friday, February 22, 2008

Back North a Little

Friday 2/22. We drove north to Ruskin and arrived back at the Elk's Lodge. We were here 11 days ago. We have an appointment at Lazydays for the rest of our warranty work on Tuesday. We rested most of the afternoon then went to the fish fry and karaoke at the lodge. Made a few phone calls to set up meetings with friends again.

Saturday we drove to Palmetto to visit my friends Janet and Ken Murphy. They have been coming to the south for 13 years and live in a 20' travel trailer down here. Their home is in Dover, OH in the warmer months. We then drove to Fort DeSoto arriving just in time for a battle reinactment and a downpour.

We drove around the rest of the island and checked out the campground. Back on the mainland we looked for a restaurant on our way home. I got the idea to call Carolyn and Jerry and they weren't too far away so we met them along with Linda and Chuck for lunch. Got back at the mh and rested a little before going across the road to the Eagles. They had a 2 gal band playing called The Sister's Act. They were good and we danced a few. The only ones doing so. Had a nice visit with others at the lounge.

Sunday we moved to Lazyday's Rally Park. We were here before for the Discovery and Fleetwood rallies and got a free pass at the Brooksville rally. Since we have to be here on Tuesday for our repairs it seemed like a good choice. After parking I vacuumed and then did the laundry. Bob was downloading a movie he rented online from Apple. In the evening we took my Uncle George to Sam Seltzers Steakhouse. Then we went home to watch the movie.

Monday, I finished the wash then Barbara and her friend Rick came by for a visit and took us to Cracker Barrel for lunch. We are going to try to meet up with them in the Keys in a couple of weeks. I went swimming and visited with a lady who is here with RVing Women another singles group but only women allowed.

Tuesday morning found us moving the mh over to Lazydays service. After an interview with our service rep we went to the free breakfast. Drove to the post office and then looked for a new bike for me. Stopped at Uncle George's for a goodbye before we leave the area. Went to Goodwill and picked up some DVD movies and jigsaw puzzles (we bought a roll-up thing at Camping World). We can work on the puzzle then put it away so we have our computer/dining table back. At 11:30 we went to Parksdale Farms for a strawberry shortcake. Met Carole, Dick (her husband), Hilda (her mom), and Fletcher (her brother-in the sunglasses). Carole was in my (Donna's) wedding and also a childhood neighbor. To kill more time away from the service department we went to the movies. Saw Bucket List. It was as good as everyone says.

Back at Lazydays progress was being made on the repairs so we went for an early dinner at Cracker Barrel next door. By 5:30 all repairs were done (under warranty). We had the back up monitor cable repaired, a window adjusted, black tape removed on a slide, some other cable for releasing air, levelers readjusted. All we had to pay was for the topping off of the transmission fluid. The bill was $95 but we had two coupons worth $50. Donna then drove the motorhome to the nearby Elk's Lodge for tonights camping and Bob followed in the car. Tomorrow we will be moving to the SKP park at Wauchula.



have a great week

Diana said...

Some day I'd like to take a look at your address book. It must be as big as a telephone book!

Anonymous said...

how come grandma is always the one taking the picture. Carson